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Galvalume has existed for some time in the construction industry. It has been primarily used as a roofing material, but is quickly gaining an appeal in the world of rain gutters. Galvalume gutters add a similar aesthetic as galvanized, but are more dull in appearance. They feature a longevity that rivals copper. Because of their lower price offering than copper, they are becoming a more appealing choice for homeowners.

Galvalume gutters are constructed of a steel substrate and coated in mix of 55% aluminum and 45% zinc. The steel strengthens the gutter making it durable, while the zinc and aluminum coating protects the steel from rusting. Rust can still form on the edges, but once the rust makes contact with the aluminum it will stop. With proper maintenance, Galvalume can last as long as copper in many of the same environments.

Not only is it durable and effective, many find it to be more modern and refined than other gutter systems! The finish gives it a gun-metal look that doesn’t fade in the weather elements. While copper is beautiful, it changes color over time as it forms a patina that may or may not be desirable. The color also doesn’t match every home’s decor and where Galvalume can be the right choice. It has a more neutral and natural appeal without disturbing the balance of the home’s decor.

When it comes to Galvalume gutters, the Brothers that just do Gutters will work with you to get your galvalume gutter system installed. Many contractors choose to not install galvalume due to several difficulties with getting the supplies and installing the product. Because the Brothers that just do Gutters service everything gutters, we are devoted to providing your galvalume gutter needs.


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