What’s a Solutionist?

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What’s a Solutionist?

We don’t have estimators or salesman at The Brothers that just do Gutters. We just have Solutionists©. We do not come out to give a price on a job. We provide a solution that best fits the clients needs with a price. We understand that every home is unique and may require a different solution to solve a problem. Finding the absolute best solution is how we approach every job.

An Example of a Solutionist’s©, Solution
Because we approach each job searching for the best solution to fit our clients needs, we find that we may use an oversized 6” gutter in one area that keeps overflowing while installing standard 5” gutters on the remaining portions of the home. We also may only install Leaf Solution on the upper gutters the client can’t get to, but leave the lower gutters open, because they don’t mind cleaning them themselves.

Why we made-up the word Solutionist©
A long time ago as a company we decided that the word “salesman” carries a bad connotation with a lot of people, and an estimator seems like unskilled help that measures houses. Everyone has “been sold” at one time or another. Whether it was buying a car, life insurance, a home improvement or beauty products, we have all purchased something big or small from a pushy “once in a lifetime offer” salesman, and have regretted it ever since.

Because we have all bought from a “salesman” our defenses are heightened whenever we are looking to purchase a product. We knew we were different than many others in the same business and we cared about the client and the best solution for their home. The word solution was being used in all of our sales calls, internal meetings and on the phone with clients. We cannot remember when it actually happened, but the word Solutionist© was born. Ken Parsons exchanged his President/Owner status for Senior Solutionist©, and Ryan Parsons parted ways with the extravagant VP of Sales and Operations title for Chief Solutionist©.

Request a Quote today and have a Solutionist© visit your home to determine the best solution for you.


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