Protecting your gutters in spring and summer with gutter guards

Taken by crew member Jimmy Olang

Birds nesting in a gutter
Photo taken by crew member Jimmy Olang

Adding gutter guards to your gutters is a great investment for keeping leaves and other debris out of your gutter system.  Guards offer much more than protection from  leaves. During the spring and summer months, your gutters can also be clogged by insects, birds and animals. Our crew has removed birds nest, deceased squirrels, and recently even a snake from our the gutters. (We were not prepared for that one: Job had to improvise, he grabbed 2 long sticks and sent the snake flying)

If any of these animals start nesting in your gutters they will certainly clog your gutters, as well as potentially damage your house. We had a customer call the office recently because of chipmunks living in her gutters. Her dog was chewing her downspouts trying to get to them!

Spring is also the season where trees start to bud. We all love seeing the trees starting to bloom in early spring. However shortly after that they begin to drop seedlings and other debris that can also have the potential to clog your gutters. One maple tree can literally drop hundreds of helicopters in the spring.  All you need is a nice breeze and those can get blown right into your gutters completely clogging your system.

During the summer months we often experience heavy rain and storms. These storms can bring down leaves, sticks and even branches that will mostly end up on your roof and in your gutters. During these months it is crucial to have your gutters working properly to avoid potential damage to your home and landscaping caused by overflowing gutters.

A closed gutter system can prevent insects and animals from nesting in your gutters. Since Leaf Solution is installed on an angle, we custom fabricate end caps to completely seal off the end of the gutters so nothing can get in them.  Rhino guard is installed flat on the gutters and secured to the gutter system’s end cap also creating a completely closed system.

caterpillar on micro mesh gutter guard

Micro mesh keeps even the smallest debris out of your gutters
Photo taken by crew member Peter Awando

Rhino Guard and Leaf Solution are both constructed with a medical grade stainless steel micro mesh that can keep even the smallest debris out of your gutters. In this photo of Rhino Guard we installed recently you can see how even small debris, and critters can not penetrate the micro mesh.


Here are a few reviews from our customers telling how their guards are working for them:

The Brothers did an excellent job at our house! We have a steep pitch cape with a large dormer and the 2 valleys of the dormer always overflowed our old gutters in a downpour. They re-pitched the gutter and installed Leaf Solution across the front. After several heavy thunderstorms we have no overflow and our front porch remains dry. We also had new gutters and Rhino Gutter Guard installed on the low pitch rear of the house. They were polite, professional, on-time, cleaned up, and on budget. Couldn’t ask for more.

– Ridgefield, CT

I was very fortunate to have seen a demonstration of “Leaf solutions” at the Home Show in White Plains. Brothers Who do Gutters has solved the ,clogged gutter problem, with their excellent product. Gutter Helmet has been on the scene for years but I have witnessed its ineffectiveness on my neighbor’s gutters,and now have peace of mind that I have the only real solution to my chronic problem of clogged and overflowing rain gutters. And the best part is that I have their ironclad 20 yr “no clog” guarantee that affords me peace of mind and no more cash outlay for temporary cleaning 2 -3 times a yr Thank you Gutter Bros!!

– Hopewell Junction, NY

We didn’t always have such great gutter guard reviews. After moving away from the Gutter Helmet product, we were able to increase our reliability with our gutter guard system in the spring and summer months. Visit our independent review source, Guild Quality, for more gutter guard reviews. You can find a service map of reviews around your neighborhood on our reviews page. All our reviews are independently gathered.


Article written by: Rebecca Pepe, The Brothers that just do Gutters

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