At The Brothers that just do Gutters, we are continually researching new products to make sure that we are always offering the best materials available on the market to our clients. Recently, when doing this research, we found a new-to-market gutter guard unlike any we’ve seen before. By combining some of the best qualities from guards already on the market with research on the biggest complaints and flaws of a number of industry leading guards, our current guard manufacturer was able to create a unique and extremely effective design and solution.


If you have had your gutters professionally installed I’m sure someone has tried to sell you gutter guards. The idea of never having to go up and clean your gutters or hire someone else to do it sounds great, but that’s only if they work. The Brothers are dedicated to using only the best products on the market. As the new marketing guy I had very little knowledge pertaining to gutter guards so I started researching to find the best gutter guard.


Consumer Report’s Gutter Guard Chart

I decided to start with the average approach and look online for consumer reviews. The first link I found was a test conducted by Consumer Reports. They took gutter guards that are installed professionally and guards that you can install yourself and tested them on a house for 16 months through all kinds of conditions. They scored them on cost, ease of installation, how it handled build up, heavy flow and severe flow. They named LeafFilter as the best professionally installed system and GutterGlove Pro the best home installed system. Unfortunately they didn’t test the guards we use (LeafSolution, RhinoGuard) this time around but we are in agreement that Micro Mesh is the best technology that you can have on your gutters.

Most people don’t settle for just one review so I continued looking for other reviews. I found a blog site with how to’s, reviews, videos, blogs and much more. The blogger conducted similar tests as Consumer Reports did. He tested a handful of guards on his house and revisited the guards six months later, naming MasterShield as his top pick. He had also tested a brush insert guard. By the end of the three or four months it was covered with debris. The manufacturer told him that when that happens all he has to do is shake out the debris and it’ll be fine. He said the whole point of a gutter guard was to not have to go up on the roof ever and I couldn’t agree more.

Micro Mesh is so fine that Shingle Grit can't even get in.

Micro Mesh is so fine that Shingle Grit can’t even get in.

On that site was a link that lead directly to MasterShield’s website telling them you came from this blog. The blogger receives a small commission from MasterShield when people purchase through the link on his blog. Now I don’t know if that influenced his decision or if that was set up after the fact but it made me want to look more into the guard. I went to their website and starting looking around. I looked over their product list and started watching the videos they had. It turns out that it was made by the same company as LeafFilter (Consumer Reports top pick). The inventor created MasterShield after he saw that LeafFilter was constantly becoming waterproof from the oils produced by the shingles. Their site offered many third party reviews from Ask The Builder, BestCovery.com, Consumer Reports (which didn’t actually test MasterShield but they tested it’s technology from LeafFilter), HandymanHowtos.com and others. They all say similar things that MasterShield will get the job done and save you from going up to clean your gutters as often.

All guards are not created equal. This plant grew through a failed guard.

All guards are not created equal. This plant grew through a failed guard.

So I had seen a number of gutter guards that all say they will get the job done and keep me from cleaning my gutters myself but I’m just a normal guy reading stuff on the internet. I wanted to ask the experts. Lucky for me I work in an office full of gutter experts. I talked to Chief Solutionist and “Brother” Ryan Parsons and one of our installers Stephen Baker. I asked Ryan about how many different guards he and Ken had tested throughout their fifteen years of gutter work. He told me that they had tested over a dozen different guards themselves and had seen over twenty more fail on countless clients’ homes. I then asked him if he had heard of MasterShield and he told me that when he and Ken were looking at which guards they wanted to carry as a company they looked into that and saw that it had bad reviews. They had also tested LeafFilter firsthand and were not impressed. Then he told me, “As a company our goal is to use the best products on the market and right now LeafSolution and RhinoGuard are the best.” The idea that micromesh guards work the best is something we have found to resonate with so many home owners and website traffic. Our own “Guards we won’t use” page details this with consumer’s testimonies and pictures taken from our field work. It has generated untold numbers of traffic.[See edit below]

photo 18

This Rhino miter keeps any water from spilling over from the roof valley.

I then spoke to Stephen who physically installs gutters and guards everyday. He said that LeafSolution is the best guard he has seen yet. He told me, “While LeafSolution is one of the best guard on the market, it may not always be the best guard for the job and that’s why we have RhinoGuard.” [See edit below] Stephen went on to explain the different variables that effect which guard is best such as roof pitch, type of debris around the house (pine needles, seeds, etc.) and many more. To see the guards that The Brothers offer you can click here.

After working for The Brothers That Just Do Gutters for about two months now I can be sure that everything they choose to use or do is chosen because it’s the best available. They are constantly striving to be better and the gutter guards they use are no different. So at the end of my search I feel confident in saying that I would choose LeafSolution or RhinoGuard as the best guards for my home or any other. Head to our website if you want to see for yourself why we choose LeafSolution and RhinoGuard and if you like what you see give us a call before you’re up on your roof cleaning out leaves. [Edit – Since publishing this article we have decided to sell just one guard to make it easier for our clients]


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