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At The Brothers that just do Gutters, we are continually researching new products to make sure that we are always offering the best materials available on the market to our clients. Recently, when doing this research, we found a new-to-market gutter guard unlike any we’ve seen before. By combining some of the best qualities from guards already on the market with research on the biggest complaints and flaws of a number of industry leading guards, our current guard manufacturer was able to create a unique and extremely effective design and solution.

Gutter Protection – Rhino Gutter Guard

Gutter protection was invented in the early 1900s, something most people don’t realize since the popularity of it only picked up in the early years of 2000. In the years since the popularity of the reverse-curve, all-in-ones, brushes, mesh screens, and others, the gutter guard has been under constant changes.

Since we entered the Seamless Gutter business in 1998, we have seen hundreds of Gutter Guard products and have installed and uninstalled many of them, trying to find the perfect one. After trying dozens of products we have yet to find a Gutter Guard system that is truly maintenance free. By this time, you probably imagine there never will be a maintenance free product, but the line to maintenance free keeps getting closer with each new product innovation. In fact, in 2016, a new product hit the market with more than 5 years of research and engineering applied to the structure, performance, and customization aspects of gutter guards. Because of the ability to customize the guard to fit unique situations within the gutter system of a single home, the Brothers made the switch away from Rhino Gutter Guard. That guard is our One Guard product. Follow the link to find out more about the One Guard product or continue reading to find out more about Rhino Guard.

RHINO GUTTER GUARD was designed and developed in 2010 to bring an affordable yet reliable gutter protection product to market that works with everyone’s budget. Since that time, very little has changed with the guard until 2015. In 2015, a few things began to change. We started to notice the manufacturing of the guard was causing the guard to be unreliable. Instead of hemming the mesh to the chassis, the guard was now being assembled with a crimping system.

Rhino introduced the new lines of quality to their guards. This forced us to re-evaluate our current and future leaf gutter guard offerings. In the process, we came across the One Guard product, as featured above. It performed better than Rhino in many of the more difficult installations. Also improved were the installation aspects of the One Gutter Guard system. After farther evaluation of the new Rhino Guard features against the features of the One Guard, we decided to change products and install only the One Guard.

If we installed Rhino guard on your home though, you can be confident in the product. Not only were we well aware of the “missing features” the One Guard product is designed to cover, but our own crews were trained to install the Rhino guard to append these missing features. For example, when installing the Rhino Guard, our crews installed the guard with a slight pitch forward and not flat as it was originally meant to be installed. During the installation, our crews cut the Rhino Guard edgest to avoid gaps between the pieces and installed the guard to avoid the wave caused by the thinner flap on the back edge of the Rhino Guard. The biggest reason we switched to the One Guard is because it made the installations more uniform and easier to train as many of these aspects are configured into the design of One Guard.

You can also be confident in the Rhino Guard product because it is a vast improvement over open gutters. Gutters on your home were designed to collect and channel the water from your roof “away” from your home’s walls, landscaping, and most importantly, your foundation. Unprotected gutters quickly collect a lot more than just water. They also collect leaves, insects, birds, rodents, and other clog pioneering debris causing the water to overflow the gutter system, create havens for mosquitos, nest birds hatching eggs, create bedding for plants, and channel water to all the wrong areas. With leaf protection, you can keep the clogs out of the gutters. Before One Guard, nothing on the market for the longest time compared to Rhino. The Rhino on your home is most likely the hemmed Rhino product, as we were well aware of their introduction of lower costing lines of guard and we pushed to get the hemmed product called the Elite Rhino Gutter Protection.

When the elite RHINO gutter protection is installed, the debris collection is eliminated and your gutters can work as intended. Elite RHINO gutter guard is a high quality product with strength and durability built into each and every piece. It will take the heaviest rain of rainfalls while preventing even the smallest of debris from ever entering the gutter system. Absolutely nothing but water will ever enter your gutter. The stainless steel mesh combined with the strong aluminum body makes RHINO the clear choice in gutter protection.

We are so confident in Rhino, we offer a 20 year NO NONSENSE-NO CLOG warranty! And best of all, it’s 100% made in the USA!

The Rhino Gutter Guard, like all guards, may get overwhelmed in areas of excessive tree leaves or dirt. If your Rhino Guard system is not able to shed the excessive debris, we recommend signing up for our Guard Maintenance Program.

If the cost of one of our guards is more than you imagined, we have alternative paying options to install the system. If your evaluation of a leaf guard system is an expense greater than the value provided, ask us for our cost breakdown of cleaning gutters compared to installing guards. If the cost to value ratio is still overwhelming, we suggest you sign up for our Gutter Maintenance Program. For more questions please click on our Common Guard Questions page.

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