MicroGuards in Lynchburg, VA

Trust our MicroGuards throughout Lynchburg and the surrounding areas

At The Brothers that just do Gutters, we consistently evaluate the best products on the market to offer our clients. Our most recent finding is a gutter guard that blends popular features and addresses common issues in other industry-leading guards. This new-to-market product has been hailed as an effective design and solution.

Leaf Protection With A Complete Gutter Guard Solution

MicroGuard offers less protection from smaller elements compared to other products, but provides robust defense against larger objects such as leaves. Its raised and stepped groove structure prevents any water from splashing back under the roof shingles, and it is available in three different varieties – traditional, reverse bend, and flat.

The standard Microguard attaches to the leading edge of the gutter and its backside is located on the support bracket, looking downwards. The inverse curved MicroGaurd is secured to the front of the gutter with its rear section oriented facing up, attaching it to the overflow lip. The flat MicroGuard attaches to the bow of the gutter and its posterior is level permitting it to fit under the initial row of tiles. MicroGuard is constructed from 032 gauge aluminum and consist of 2000 perforation per linear foot of shield. Its oblique micro-punctures help to stop bulky objects from adhering to, and entering into, the webbing while still enabling water to keep going in the rain gutter infrastructure.