About The Brothers that just do Gutters

Our mantra, “Reinventing Contractor Service™” is the phrase we live by in all areas of our business, every day.

Reliable Gutter Contractor Services

Ken Fredericks is the proud owner and operator of The Brothers That Just Do Gutters in North Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With a background in finance, telecommunications, and education, he brings a passion for bringing together top-notch employees and providing 5-star service to each and every client.


Ken began his career at Ernst & Young, supporting clients in the financial services industry. Since then, he has worked extensively within the energy, telecommunications, and education industries in various finance and accounting roles. In his free time, you can find Ken cheering his kids on at one of their sporting events, fishing, or lounging with his family in his backyard.

His interest in the gutter services industry stems from his own frustrations with subpar businesses. In the past, he has dealt with vendors who don’t show up, make it impossible to schedule an appointment, or never put the clients’ experience first. Ken knew he could do better, which is why he opened The Brothers That Just Do Gutters of North Pittsburgh.


Ken understands that the key to a successful business is its people, which is why he has gathered a team of friendly, knowledgeable, and professional employees who treat every gutter installation as if it was for their own home. As a result, The Brothers That Just Do Gutters of North Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offers fast, high-quality, and professional commercial and residential gutter installation, including gutters, gutter guards, gutter repair, and so much more. Ken is also focused on client education, so that home and business owners have all the information available to them throughout the process.

During the holidays, The Brothers of North Pittsburgh even offer holiday light installation so you can save yourself the trouble and danger of getting up on those ladders while still enjoying the decoration of your home for the holidays!

From the first click to the final walk-through, Ken’s team provides 5-star service with a smile.

How It All Began

In 1999 Ken Parsons had just left the teaching industry and started his own gutter contractor company under the name Waterfall Seamless Gutters. In 2002 Ken’s younger brother, Ryan Parsons, accepted a job on the truck with Ken after the Graphic Design company he was working for crashed. In 2006 the Brothers briefly changed their name to Water-flow Gutter Solutions before finally becoming “The Brothers that just do Gutters” in 2009. The name we all know and love came from a radio ad the Brothers ran just a couple years prior to the change. Everyone who heard it liked it so much they thought it was the company name so Ken and Ryan stopped fighting it and adopted the name. With the name change came a few title changes as well. We decided we no longer wanted to be salesman, presidents or owners but rather Solutionists©, which embodied what we represent to our clients. Ken Parsons was re-entitled Senior Solutionist©, and Ryan Parsons became Chief Solutionist©.

Being in the gutter contractor business for over 15 years was an effort of adaptation and determination. We have been able to be successful for so long because we made our main focus the customer. The Brothers that just do Gutters offer a wide variety of installations, cleaning and repairs in a small niche industry of seamless rain gutters and leaf guards. We have been able to grow the reliability of our services and offer only the best products by focusing all our effort on gutter systems and guards.

Our Process

Email, text, call, or message us to begin the process.
Our call center will work with you to find the best time to visit.
A custom solution for your gutter needs is created for your home.
Our call center will work with you to find the best time to install.
Install & Review
Our trained, licensed, and insured field team complete your job.

Why Reinventing The Gutter Contractor Service Is At The Core Of Our Business

Our mantra, “Reinventing Contractor Service™” is the phrase we live by in all areas of our business, every day. The story of The Brothers that just do Gutters began with hard work and a dream to be a community-loved contractor. We wanted to reinvent how clients experience contractor services and provide a level of customer service and reliability that was lacking in our industry.

Along the way, we had to learn to move at the speed of business and invent many new methods never before implemented in the contractor field. Meeting our goal of being a five-star contractor and reinventing contractor service meant focusing on every detail of the job. By creating a unique experience with the homeowner, investing in our employees, sourcing the best products, and creating training methods for publishing every review a homeowner made on our independent review services, we started to rise above the rest.