Fascia Board in Lehigh Valley, PA

Fascia Boards throughout Lehigh Valley and the surrounding areas

What is a fascia board? A fascia board is sometimes referred to as a soffit board. It runs horizontally beneath the edge of the roof covering up any openings between the rafters of the roof. This board, which tends to be made out of timber, timber alternatives, or metal in combination with a soffit, encloses the top floor room of the dwelling. On top of that, it often offers aid and equilibrizes gutters.


Fascia can easily be spotted in many of today’s up-to-date abodes. Nevertheless, earlier Colonial or Victorian buildings with carved rafter tails will not furnish fascia boards. These original houses were constructed without fascia since it was assumed that the sizable roof overhangs, fashioned by these ornamental rafter tails, were ample enough to reject water sufficiently far away from the basis of the home. Even though this is typically seen as accurate, it isn’t constantly precise. Water can still discover a way back into the base of your dwelling. This liquefied can also harm siding, pigment, windows, and entries.

The Brothers that just do Gutters can help if your home’s fascia is damaged, rotted, or missing. We offer aluminum fascia wraps in different sizes for repair or complete replacement.

To figure out if the fascia is rotted, it’s often necessary to remove the gutter. If there has been water between the fascia and gutter for a while, it’s likely that the fascia is rotted. A weak fascia board can’t hold up a gutter designed to bear large amounts of snow.


Soffit is the covering of wood, vinyl, or aluminum that extends from the bottom of the fascia to the crowning element of your wall board. Together, they provide protection from weather and humidity for the rafters, as well as permitting air circulation through soffits and vents. Airflow is essential for keeping even temperatures in the sealed attic area. If a replacement for your home’s soffit is necessary or absent, we can instate it. We presently offer and install perforated vinyl soffit.

If a home does not have a fascia board, and installing one is not a feasible option, The Brothers that just do Gutters can still fit a gutter without the fascia by using roof straps. These straps connect to the detected support within the gutter and secure directly onto the roof. In older roofs, it is preferably avoided to push up the shingles in order to put in the strap as this can lead to broken or damaged shingles. Generally, the roof strap must be secure on top of the shingles. Even though this method of installing a gutter system is strong, it still isn’t as strong as when it’s done with a fascia and furthermore is not very visual pleasing. If your home has slate, tile or cedar shingle rooftop, utilizing the roof strap approach should be avoided.

Here are some reasons why having a fascia board (in good condition) is the best option:

•    Fascia provides a layer of strength to help stabilize the gutter.
•    Fascia allows a place for the soffit to attach and close off the attic space
•    Soffit is vented which prevents winter ice, water from entering the home, and keeps the home cooler in the summer months.
•    Open rafter without fascia get screwed into the end grain of the available wood. It is not as strong as screwing it into the perpendicular wood of the fascia board (more strength and stability when you are able to screw into grains of wood that run horizontally).
•    Open rafters with no fascia often allow for insects and animals to find their way into your home.

If fascia and/or installation cannot be added to existing homes, then extending the overhang and installing fascia on it can be done as an alternative. After that, gutters can be applied.