Accenting your Home

What does your dream backyard include, and how can certain accents really add to your home? There are many things that can enhance the beauty of your home including small-scale updates and large.


Enhancing Your Home’s Exterior

Rain chains are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to a traditional downspout. The water visibly runs down a chain and/or decorative cups creating an awesome water piece, while also serving the same purpose a downspout would. The water also creates a soothing sound to listen to.

Outdoor art collections can add a pop to any patio or backyard. Art can range from an actual piece like a painting on a canvas that is hung on your home, or a sculpture/architectural piece.

Outdoor fireplaces can really add to your backyard and give it an extra homey feel. This is great if you entertain, as it creates a place to hang out at night, stay warm on cooler nights, and help keep bugs away. Aside from having clear functionality, it looks great. Updating your patio or adding a deck, can also serve the same purposes as a fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

Specialty Gutters

They can serve as a useful but appealing decoration for your home. When it is time for an update to your gutter system, consider these options to add beauty to your home:

  • Galvanized – steel substrate coated in zinc (offers a very glossy appearance)
  • Galvalume – aluminum-zinc hybrid coating (offers a more rustic feel, silver metallic can also be used in more modern architecture designs)
  • Copper – initially offers a shiny gold look, but will eventually turn a dark brown or green color for an antique feel
  • Colored – Many homeowners are unaware that aluminum seamless gutters are available in various colors. White aluminum gutters are the standard, but a colored gutter system can add a unique appeal to your home. Our colored gutters, like our white, have a baked-on finish, which will not oxidize as fast as other traditional gutters.

Water channels can serve as a way to control heavy runoff, specifically in areas that experience heavy rain. They also look beautiful and can really accent a backyard. There are a number of options that really allow you to get creative. You can even personalize and design your own water channel. Go one step further by accenting the pond/channel with items such as lily pads, garden areas, and rocks. Even add fish to bring life and color to your channel.Who doesn’t love a pool on a hot summer day, right? But your home’s curb appeal can also love a pool. Whether it is an in ground or above ground pool it can be appealing to the eye, especially if you take some time to style it. Adding a deck around an above ground pool can easily enhance it. Decorate your pool area with bright patio furniture, and plants to complete the package.

Please visit Houzz for great examples and to see more photos of these add-ons for your home, and get started today! Also, don’t forget to visit our Houzz site!

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