Suffering from allergy symptoms? So are your gutters.

In upstate New York, allergy symptoms have become a normal occurrence each year for a lot of residents. Did you know that, when it rains, allergen particles are released into the air at a much higher concentration? We’ve seen a lot of rain, which likely means those suffering from asthma or allergies have also seen a lot of pollen allergy symptoms.

Although you’ve noticeably been able to identify your increased symptoms, you may not have noticed that your gutters are also being affected by increased allergens and flying debris. The more particles that are airborne, the higher amount of possible debris buildup in your gutters. If you have an open seamless gutter system, the flying leaves, debris, and pollen are landing right in your gutter, creating a greater potential for clogs.

A great way to identify, as a homeowner, that your gutters may be clogged is when the water overflows from your gutter system. If there is a large amount of leaves and buildup inside of your gutter, this is likely causing a clog that is standing in the way of the water flowing through your system properly as it should. Because of this, the water will overflow the gutter. If this is happening, your gutters need to be cleaned!

A Professional Gutter Cleaning Includes:

Gutter Guards

An alternate option to gutter cleanings is having gutter guards installed. Mesh designed gutter guards help to keep the smallest of debris from entering your gutter system. While also allowing for the water to still flow through your gutter system as it should. By installing gutter guards on your home, you’re eliminating the need for interior gutter cleanings. This have allowed for significantly less maintenance. On some occasions, wiping down the top of your gutter guard to free it from debris may be necessary. However, in most instances, this debris will dry after a storm and blow off naturally from wind.

If you have gutter guards, you may be noticing that the additional allergens and pollen are causing blockages on your guards. In some cases, the pollen may form a sort of paste with the rainwater causing a buildup on your guards. Read our article, Increased Pollen Count and Your Gutter Guards, for details on this, and how to combat it.

If you’re looking to keep your allergy symptoms at check this season, we can help. It is important to have your open seamless gutters cleaned at least two times a year, spring and fall to best prepare for winter. This is to ensure that they are working properly and to extend their lifespan. If you are tired of gutter cleanings, installing gutter guards is a great option! Whether you are in need of a gutter cleaning, or you are ready to upgrade to gutter guards, give The Brothers that just do Gutters a call today for your free estimate!