Benefits of Leaf Guard

Do you hate cleaning your gutters? Is your home surrounded by a lot of trees that are continually shedding and clogging your gutters? Have you ever thought about having guards installed instead? Since we have officially entered cleaning season, we thought it would be helpful to highlight some important gutter info. We have included some excerpts from previous posts addressing the benefits of adding a leaf guard. As well as, how they compare to gutter cleanings. Some of these points may help you better evaluate if your home is a good candidate for gutter guards. As opposed to yearly internal gutter cleanings.

Benefits of gutter guards:


Cost Saving

April 21, 2016 – “Gutter Cleaning Cost vs. Guards”

One time gutter cleanings can cost $200-$450 each time, depending on the time of year. Although the upfront cost of a one-time gutter cleaning may seem much lower than the upfront cost of a gutter guard installation, the long term value often outweighs the cost. On average, your gutter cleaning costs on an open gutter system per year can range from $400 – $900 (based off of two cleanings). These cleaning costs per year can quickly add up. Gutter guard full home installations average anywhere from $600-$1500 depending on the guard that is being installed. It is important to consider value and functionality when you are comparing gutter cleaning cost to guard installation cost.

If you do have an open gutter system, The Brothers that just do Gutters offer a Maintenance Agreement Program, which allows us to put you on our scheduled cleaning list and properly prepare for the heavy cleaning seasons ahead of time. Read more.

Less Maintenance

April 7, 2016 – “Gutter Cleaning Cost”

By installing gutter guards, you increase the protection of your system, and have lowered the maintenance significantly. Instead of needing interior cleanings twice a year, you now will only need to occasionally brush off the top of your guards, and this too is often not necessary. Most debris that inevitably lands on top of your guard during storms will dry up and blow off on its own. Not only does the maintenance decrease once installing the right guards, but they also help to prevent clogs and preserve the proper flowing of water within your system, which will help your home to stay protected against water damage. Read more.

No More Gutter Cleanings

April 21, 2016 – “Gutter Cleaning Cost vs. Guards”

Guards keep debris out of your gutter system helping to keep the water flowing through the system properly, while eliminating interior gutter cleanings and helping to protect your home against water damage. Open gutter systems require at least two gutter cleanings a year to keep your gutter system working properly and free of clogs. Open gutter systems are likely to clog easily and depending on surroundings, possibly often. Read more.

August 11, 2015 – “Gutter Guards: 5 Reasons Why”

Because the guards are serving to keep debris and pests out of your gutter system preventing clogging, the need to clean your gutters nearly disappears. Cleaning of your gutters will consist of only sweeping debris from the top of the guard system, if installed correctly and if the best guard system is used. A micromesh design keeps practically all material and debris out of the gutters once installed. Read more.

Strengthens Gutter

December 22, 2015 – “Are there really any maintenance free gutter guards?”

Guards can also help to strengthen your system as a whole by creating a box-like strength. In the winter, this strength can be especially important in helping your gutter to hold the added weight of snow and ice. Any guard system has the potential to freeze in the winter, which may cause icicles and melting water to drip. You may be concerned about the guard being frozen, but this actually means it is distributing the weight of the snow and ice off the front of your gutter system, which is keeping your gutter interior empty. Read more.

August 11, 2015 – “Gutter Guards: 5 Reasons Why”

Adding a gutter guard system can extend the life of you existing gutter system by strengthening it. By securing the guard system to the lip of the gutter and the fascia of the house, a box like strength is created. We offer a complete solution, by also adding heattape to your gutter and guard system. Heattape is designed to help combat ice dams that can form at the edge of your roof and in your gutters. Read more.

Leaf Guard Is the Solution

If your home is not surrounded by a number of trees, you may be okay with just gutter cleanings. However, if you are sick of cleaning your gutters yourself, or paying someone to do it each year, converting to a system with leaf guard may be in your home’s best interest. Our window of opportunity for guard only installations, and gutter cleanings in fall is very slim. Make sure to book your cleaning and leaf guard installation project ASAP, before the winter weather hits!