How We Find The Best Gutter Guards

After being in the gutter business for over 15 years, we have seen a lot of gutter guards. Since there are so many gutter guard products on the market, it is important to us to always do research on new products and designs. This allows us to make sure we are offering the best gutter guards we can to our clients. Today, almost 25% of our business involves installing gutter guards.

When we started out, we did not even offer a gutter guard because we thought, like many people, that they didn’t work and didn’t want to waste our time. So how did we go from not offering any kind of gutter protection to installing it for 25% of our clients? There was a lot of trial and error, hands-on field experience and testing that went on before we found the best gutter guards that we believe in and wanted to be able to offer to our customers. During our testing phases, the owners would install the guards on their homes as a way to test in real weather conditions what worked best.

The Search To Find The Best Gutter Guards –best gutter guards

Our research for finding the right gutter guard started with installing Lowes or Home Depot gutter guards that customers often purchase themselves.  These were usually a plastic gutter guard that would snap into the gutter.

Cons Of Plastic Gutter Guards –

We then moved on to testing the reverse curve gutter guards. However, we were never happy with the design of this product.

Cons Of Reverse Curve Guards –

We also tested the sponge type guard that installs into the gutter.

Cons Of Sponge Guards –

What We Found To Be The Best –

We have found mesh gutter guards to be the best and most effective design. Over the years we have installed several different mesh gutter guard designs including Leaf Solution, Rhino Gutter Guard, Micro Gutter Guard, and ONE Gutter Guard.

Benefits Of Mesh Guards –best gutter guards

There are a lot of mixed reviews and feelings about gutter guards in the industry. There are also mixed messages about what the best gutter guards are. Because of all the designs available and all of the messages out there about certain guards failing, clients are often hesitant. For this reason, we want to always make sure we are offering the best and most effective guard design to our clients. Gutter guards have many benefits including eliminating interior gutter cleanings. However, no gutter guard product is 100% maintenance free. If you are interested on learning more about out gutter guard options, contact us for a free comprehensive estimate today!