Best Gutter Screens For Your Home

We know no home is the same, and we understand that because of this, no solution is ever identical. Having a gutter guard solution that is customizable to each of our client’s needs is important to us. This allows us to find the best gutter screens for each unique home. One Gutter Guard’s interchangeable screens allow for multiple solutions to multiple scenarios within the same product. Hence, this is where the name came from.

The Brothers that just do Gutters are currently offering One Gutter Guard’s 18 screen, and 42 screen. These gutter screens are both mesh designs. Which we have found to be the most effective, althought the mesh itself on each differs.

We feel it is important to educate our clients on what products and solutions are best for each situation. So let’s look at the reasons why the 18 and 42 differ, and dig into which is the best solution for your problem.

Gutter Guards and Gutter Screens

The Best Gutter Guards

If your home is in an area with a heavy concentration of pollen, micro-mesh guards may not be the best solution for you. Since the openings in a micro-mesh design are so small, most of this pollen does not get through the guard screens. This mixture of heavy pollen buildup and water can create a sort of paste-like barrier blocking, and clogging the guard.

Following a mild winter, Spring of 2016 saw a high concentration of pollen, and because of this, we experienced this paste buildup issue more than ever. According to, mild temperatures can bring an earlier onset of pollination of trees and plants. If the mild conditions persist into the spring, higher pollen counts will be found earlier in the season. However, predictions for winter 2016-17 look far from mild. Due to the micro-mesh’s fine openings, if you live near a lot of pine trees and experience heavy small debris, aside from pollen, it is a great solution for you.

The mesh design (the 18), is ideal for those with heavy pollen. Since the mesh is not as fine as the micro-mesh, it allows a limited amount of small debris to pass through the guard and exit through the downspout, eliminating clogging on top of the gutters, while also keeping most debris out, preventing interior gutter clogs.

Have The Brothers Gutters Help You Decide

With the right guard you will no longer need to clean the interior of your gutters. The most maintenance needed once guards are installed, is the occasional brushing off of leaves or minor debris from the top of the guards. However, this is often not necessary. One Gutter Guard is designed at a 7-degree slope to foster debris shedding. Are you tired of cleaning your gutter and interested in having gutter screens installed? CONTACT US to have one of our Solutionists come out and find the perfect solution for your unique situation!