How To Choose The Right Seamless Gutter For Your Home

When it comes to installing seamless gutter on your home, you may not have imagined considering your options. It is common to believe standard gutters are 5” aluminum, so that’s what you should get, right? Well, actually there are a lot more options, and other aspects of your home to take into consideration when it comes to choosing the right seamless gutter.

Four categories of seamless gutter options to consider are:

  1. Size
  2. Color
  3. Style
  4. Material


As mentioned, 5” gutters are the standard, however oversized 6” gutters are becoming increasingly more popular, and may actually be the best solution for your home. Oversized 6” gutters can handle up to 40% more water than standard 5”. In the past, 6” gutters were typically only used on commercial buildings, however, in recent years residential oversized installation has significantly increased.

Here are a few reasons why 6” gutters may be best for your home:


Color Gutters

Colored aluminum gutters are a great alternative to standard white aluminum. We carry seamless aluminum gutters in over 20 different colors. What is great about this, is that it allows you to customize your gutter system to match and/or compliment your home in any way you’d like.

If you are wanting your gutter system to blend in with your home, you can choose a color that matches. For example, if your siding is beige and you want your home to look uniform and neutral, you can choose a beige shade that matches your home’s exterior. If you’re looking for a bold pop, or color accent, you may want to choose a bright or different color, like red. Our colored gutters are offered in both 5” and 6” as well as k-style and half-round. The Brothers that just do Gutters even offer a copper penny finish to simulate the look of copper gutters.

Seamless Gutter Style:

Are you looking for half-round gutters, or k-style? K-style would be the standard gutter shape, however, half-round is very popular as well. Often half-round is chosen for its aesthetic appeal over practicality, as k-style is able to hold larger quantities of water. This does not mean that half-round cannot perform in rain, it is just better suited for homes with less water flow. Both half-round and k-style gutters come in a number of different materials and size options.


When it comes to material, there are different options for a number of different styles of homes.

  1. Copper  – Copper gutters are not only visually beautiful and unique, but they last up to 50-150 years, if maintained properly. Overtime, copper forms a patina due to the atmospheric elements. This helps it to not only last longer, but gives it a very desirable vintage look. Often high-end and/or historic buildings are best suited for the look of copper gutters, however, they can be installed on any home. Copper comes in both half-round and k-style as well as in 5” and 6”. For more information, see our comprehensive copper blog.
  2. Galvalume – Galvalume steel is a substrate combining steel, aluminum, and zinc. The steel helps to strengthen the seamless gutter, as well as help it to last longer. The aluminum in the mixture helps to prevent rusting. Also, with the proper maintenance, galvalume can last almost as long as copper. The gun-metal appeal of galvalume often complements modern homes best. Its color does not fade overtime and often provides a more neutral look. For more information, see our comprehensive galvalume blog.
  3. Galvanized – Galvanized steel differs from galvalume in that it is steel mixed with only zinc. It does not have aluminum like galvalume does, and the zinc does not prevent rusting through, once it begins. Galvanized steel is shinier than galvalume and often compliments more rustic and contemporary homes or barns. This material is also very durable and unlikely to crack under the pressure or wind gusts or other atmosphere conditions. For more information, see our comprehensive galvanized blog.

Did you know there were all these options for your seamless gutter system? Are you still having trouble deciding what solution is best for your home? One of our Solutionists can help you to find the perfect solution for your home’s needs and your aesthetic wants!