Copper Gutter Cost Is Not as High As You’d Imagine

Have you always desired copper accents for your home, but thought you couldn’t afford it? Good news, the copper gutter cost may not be as high as you may have imagined.

The Price of Copper

The price of copper as a raw material has significantly fallen recently due to oversupply and demand in China. China is its biggest consumer market. Copper is among the list of a few commodities that are quickly falling in recent years including aluminum, gold, oil, platinum, and iron ore.

Although copper is beautiful and a great accent to your home and/or other items it’s paired with, it is also key to many necessary infrastructures. For example, phone lines, cables transportation, engineering, machinery and equipment, and electrical, automotive, computer and building supplies.

Overproduction is the main reason for coppers recent decline. As mining supplies are growing at a faster rate than demand, and have been since about 2013.

Copper Gutter Cost

So if you have always dreamed about accenting your home with copper but fear the the copper gutter cost, now may be the perfect time to inquire. The downturn of the cost of copper makes copper gutters a viable option for your home.

Copper gutters can be a great accent to any home, particularly historic, brick, stone, stucco, wood, and slate backgrounds. Ornate copper downspouts are a also an option. Not only do they look beautiful, but they last extremely long, forming a patina overtime that not only protects against the elements, but creates a desirable antique look. Properly maintained copper gutter systems can last up to 150 years.