Cost of Copper Gutters

If you want your gutters to enhance the exterior of your home you may want to consider copper gutters. Many historic and high-end homes use copper to enhance the aesthetic and retail value of their home. The cost of copper gutters are more expensive than aluminum or galvanized gutters but last considerably longer, typically over a lifetime.

Why is the Cost of Copper Gutters So Expensive?

Simple, in the past 20 years the demand for copper has increased both domestically and abroad, thereby driving the price up.

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The cost of copper gutters installed ranges depending on the size and style. For instance, our copper gutters are available in half round and k-style. The price of copper gutters for most homes ranges between 22-35 dollars per foot. Other types of copper gutters include lead coated copper gutters, European copper gutters, copper plus (copper coated steel), and faux copper gutters. For exact pricing on these styles of gutters please call us at 845-223-6111.

Our Approach

Our company specializes in custom copper gutter installation. The field installers handle the copper with extreme care wearing white gloves on all copper installation. The purpose of the gloves is to prevent the oils from the installer’s hands from getting on the copper. We also use a variety of high-end installation techniques and top of the line material to assure our clients the very best. We use stamped hangers on half round copper gutters for stronger support. The industry standard hanger for half round copper gutters is a number 10 combo secured with a spring clip. However due to all the snow and ice we receive in the Tri-State area it’s better to go with a stamped hanger, which can handle the weight.

For clients looking for a more elegant copper gutter we offer euro craft copper gutters with round end caps so your gutters will have nice rounded edges. We also offer seamless 6” half round copper gutters. The seamless half round gutter is a great advantage to having soldered seams every 10-20 feet. Downspouts can be either smooth or corrugated and attached to your home in a variety of ways.

Overall, your copper gutter installation is completely customizable. Whatever you want you can have. We have embossed copper, copper gutter leaders and hangers. We also have copper downspout clean outs all available in the design of your choosing.

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Custom Copper Designs

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