DIY Gutter Installation or Hire A Pro?

DIY is a largely popular trend, and hobby for many homeowners. When it comes to do-it-yourself renovations or projects, it is important to know when it is beyond your limits of knowledge and safety. DIY gutter installation as a homeowner has some pros and cons to undertaking this project.

DIY Gutter Projects

Some projects that can be fun and easy for DIY are homemade planters, garden updates, furniture building, landscaping, art pieces etc. The “not for everyone” DIY projects are often those that involve more possibility for injury, and/or projects that require a higher level of skill. For example, projects that require you to climb a ladder always have a higher potential for injury and it’s important you follow strict safety measures.

There are also projects that require a certain level of skills that not everyone possesses like roofing, pool installation, gutter installation, etc. Some homeowners may posses the skill needed for these projects, but they are not for everyone, and if done incorrectly can have serious impacts on your home, or safety.

DIY Gutter Installation Dos & Don’ts

When planning a DIY project make sure you:

  1. DO plan accordingly. It is common for homeowners to underestimate the complexity or time needed to complete a certain project. Be sure that you are planning out the project, the timeline, and materials needed before you get started. Otherwise the result may yield an unfinished project or more work than expected.
  2. DON’T use the incorrect tools. It can not only result in an incomplete or improper result, but it also increases potential for injury. According to an article on, 87,000 people are admitted into the hospital due to injury from tools or machinery a year. Another large statistic for hospital admissions each year are those resulting from “improvising” specifically in relation to ladder usage.
  3. DO start small. If this is your first DIY project, make sure your hopes and visions are not bigger than your capabilities. Digital boards like Pinterest can inspire you but may not be realistic. Start with smaller projects and from there, you can grow towards your bigger visions.
  4. DON’T forget to monitor your surroundings. This could be in relation to a project as small as hanging shelving. Be aware that you are not drilling or screwing into an electrical component or pipes. When outdoors, there are many surroundings to be aware of like weather, electrical components, ladder interference, etc. It is important to simply be mindful and take a look around.
  5. DO call the professionals when in doubt. When you are feeling doubtful about your ability to complete a project well, and safely, please call the professionals! Your house is an important investment and your safety is even more important.


DIY projects can be a lot of fun. They can be a fun to do with family or children. Just make sure you have the proper tools, time, and know the safety measures that need to be taken!

Here are some fun, family-friendly DIY projects we found on Pinterest: 15 Unique indoor gardening ideas, DIY Hose Hiding, DIY Menu Board, 18 Easy and Small Remodeling DIY Projects for Big Changes in your Home.

We encourage you to take on small DIY projects on your own. Stick to gardening, make fun yard games, repurpose an old gutter as a flower box. However, DIY gutter installation is not one we recommend, it should be left to the pros!