DIY Gutters, how hard is it really?

We already know the answer to how much work and training goes into making, pitching and installing gutters correctly. However, we were curious what others had to say about DIY gutters. When doing some research on Houzz we came across a thread with responses from actual homeowners that we believed summed up the experience of DIYing your gutter system.

A homeowner asked the question, just how difficult is it really to install your own gutters? Here are some actual responses from actual homeowners on

“I’ve done two sections of guttering on my house.  I’m sure you could DIY a serviceable gutter and I imagine you’d save a little money on materials, but IMO the savings wouldn’t be worth the time and compromised quality.”

“It is hardly worth the aggravation or the meager savings to DIY gutters, which is why even professional builders simply hire seamless companies. The seamless contractor will make up your gutters on site out of whatever color aluminum stock you need and be completed and gone within a little over an hour.”

“Seamless = less connectors = less chance for problems and looks better”

Here are some things to consider with DIY Gutters:

In Conclusion

It is often tempting to go the DIY route because it is likely to save you some money, however it is important to weigh if the small discount is worth the time, and potential aggravation of doing it yourself. Also, it is very imperative to remember just how important a correctly installed, and properly working gutter system is to your home. When gutters are not installed correctly, and/or are not working properly, puddles around the foundation of your home occur. These puddles then lead to leakage into your foundation and/or basement of your home which then leads to water damage and mold.