DIY Projects for Home & Garden

Gutters, although extremely practical, don’t always have to be so boring. There are a lot of cool DIY projects for home & garden that can be found online. Even uncharacteristic things like rain gutters make for the perfect addition to you DIY project. A very common gutter DIY project is gutter planters and/or gutter gardens.

For instance, copper gutter planters can be a beautiful alternative use for copper guttering. In addition, try recycling your old gutters and turn them into something new. Aside from gutter planters, DIY home decor projects can all use gutters. They can be used for shelving, DIY games for your family and/or guests, hanging gardens and you can even get creative with you actual gutter system by incorporating a unique downspout, for instance.

See the info graphic below for more on these gutter DIY projects!

DIY Projects for Home & Kids

In addition here are some fun & easy DIY crafts ideas:

We have shared a few of our favorite DIY projects for home, kids & backyards. If you have some ideas that you would like to share with us, feel free to tag us into them on Facebook.