Exterior House Colors – Design Trends

Exterior house colors and the accessories for your home can make a powerful statement. We follow design trends and have put together a list of them for our homeowners to review.

Unique and artsy detailing

Standing out, is always important when it comes to your home. Especially if you are looking to sell, but make sure to stand out for the right reasons. Unique detailing such as large, beautifully crafted patios, wood columns with decorative bases and colored accents are great ways to stand out from your neighbors. These accents are especially effective when they are paired with neutral/natural backgrounds!

Low-maintenance products

The less maintenance required, the better! Today, homeowners are extremely busy, and decorating their home with products that require heavy maintenance, is just not an option. Products that are more durable, last longer, and need little to no maintenance are often the most popular choice, and this trend will continue. Did you know well-maintained gutters can last up to 30 years? More so with certain materials far outlasting the durability of standard aluminum? Regular maintenance would be routine cleanings and small repairs as they come (this can vary depending on weather conditions). To further reduce maintenance and the number of cleanings required, guards are great options. See our article on guard maintenance for more information here.

Stone and brick

Stone and brick homes are becoming increasingly popular. These materials not only give off a “luxury”, unique look, but they are also low maintenance! They are extremely durable and wear well. They often last the life of the building (under normal conditions). This is true with maintenance being as little as an occasional rinse with the hose. Wanting to accent your stone, or brick home? Copper gutters actually tend to compliment hese homes best, and were trending up in 2015.

Exterior House Colors: Off-white

Benjamin Moore, Glidden, Sherwin-Williams and Behr all predict off-white to be one of the top trending colors in 2016. White is a classic color that is often good for resale, as it is neutral and does not scare buyers away as some bolder colors may. Aside from white being classic, and safe, it also allows more opportunity for accenting with those artsy and colorful details. The Brothers that just do Gutters offers colored gutters in almost 20 different shades with a number of those choices falling within the “off-white” category. If you decide to go with an off-white exterior and are looking for that accent pop of color, we also offer less neutral shades as well as materials like copper, galvalume and galvanized for a metallic look, which also happens to be trending (see five)!

Exterior House Colors: Warm metal tones

Brass and warm metal tones will continue to hold their popularity for many years, with copper, bronze and rose gold hues being the most popular. These warm metal tones can often be a great compliment when it comes to design. Copper gutters offer your home an aesthetically pleasing pop that helps it to stand out and brings an element of design that is sure to be trending this year, and in the years to come. As mentioned above, it is ideal with neutral colors (like the trending off-white base) as well as stone and brick backgrounds (also trending), not to mention they can last up to 150 years, talk about low maintenance and durability! If you are looking for a low cost warm metallic option, try Copper Penny or Dark Bronze colored gutters. These are aluminum based products that mimic the look of copper!

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