Faux Copper: How to?

Most often when it comes to your home, copper use as an accent item for décor is trending. For example, statues, planters, lighting fixtures, art pieces, and exterior accent pieces (most commonly, your gutter system). If you love the look and feel of copper, but are unfortunately not within your budget, here’s some good news; there are ways for you to reach your copper dreams for a fraction of the cost-faux copper.

Faux Copper Projects

  1. Spray Paint. Spray paint is a great option for a decorative piece inside or outside your home. A DIY example on Hometalk.com used copper spray paint on a repurposed candle holder in the homeowner’s garden. In this particular example, the DIYer wanted the patina look of aged copper, but didn’t want to pay the price of copper. Using copper, dark brown, and a tealspray paint, as well as sand paper, you can achieve a similar look to that of aged copper for a fraction of the cost. See more HERE.
  2. Metallic Paint & Aging Solution. If the surface you are using as your pallet for your faux coper project is metal (like sheet metal) you can use paint as well as oxidizing agents. This will get the aged look of copper that patinas overtime. You can skip the “aging process” in your project if you do not like the look of the aging process. In the DIY project example on Interiorfrugalist.com, a specific metal effects kit is used that also has an oxidizing patina spray. For more on this project click HERE.
  3. Copper Penny Gutters. Another very popular element of your home to decorate with copper, is your gutter system. Many homeowners love the appeal of copper gutters but they are simply not within their budget. The good news is there are products already made that were designed specifically to emulate the look of copper. One option is copper penny gutters. These are aluminum gutters that are painted to look like copper. They give the appeal of a new copper gutter, but costing closer to that of an aluminum gutter installation.

Pros Of Copper

Aesthetic appeal is one of the main reasons why those that invest in copper do. However, another pro of using copper as your chosen material is that it is extremely durable. So, if you are making and/or using/installing faux copper, it is important to remember that although the look may be similar, the durability will not be. If the look is all you are going for on any design elements on your home some of these faux copper options may be a great fit for you and your budget! If you are also interested in the durability and lifespan of copper, especially when it comes to your gutter system, having copper gutters may still be the best option for you and your home’s needs!

The Brothers that just do Gutters offer copper penny gutters in both half-round and k-style. If you are interested in hearing more about copper penny gutters, CONTACT US to have one of our Solutionists come out!