Appeal Of Galvalume Metal Gutters

Galvalume has existed for some time in the roofing industry, but only recently started to gain a growing presence in the world of rain gutters. Their curb appeal combined with their longevity have started to make them a much more appealing gutter system. Do you love the longevity of copper gutters but prefer the look of galvanized gutters? Do you want gutters that will last a lifetime but don’t want to shell out the big bucks? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then the Brothers that just do Gutters have your solution – Galvalume!

What Is Galvalume?

It is a gutter constructed of a steel substrate and coated in mix of 55% aluminum and 45% zinc. The steel strengthens the gutter making it durable, while the zinc and aluminum coating protects the steel from rusting. Rust can still form on the edges, but once the rust makes contact with the aluminum it will stop. The coating on Galvalume tends to be thinner than the coating used in galvanizing. Although this makes it more prone to scratches, the coating is also more flexible, meaning it won’t chip or fall off as quickly when the metal bends, expands or contracts during installation or temperature changes. With proper maintenance, Galvalume can last on average between 70-150 years.

The Appeal

Galvalume has more benefits than just structural functionality. Not only is it durable and effective, but it can add a great curb appeal to your home! The finish gives it a gun-metal look that doesn’t fade in the weather elements. While copper is beautiful, it changes color over time as it forms a patina that may or may not be desirable. The color also doesn’t match every home’s decor and that’s where Galvalume comes in; it has a more neutral appeal without disturbing the balance of the home’s aesthetic. Many find it to be more modern and refined than other gutter systems.

What Will Galvalume Cost?

I know what you’re thinking, “Galvalume sounds nice and all, but how much is this gonna cost me?” That’s a fair question. We realize adding appeal to the home can often enlist high costs, but with Galvalume you get the best of both worlds! Listed below are market average prices per foot for aluminum, galvanized, galvalume, and copper gutter.

Prices vary by state and gutter company but these averages are what you can expect to see in your market. As you can see, Galvalume offers a very affordable solution for adding curb appeal to your home.

galvalume gutter downspoutCan Anyone Install It?

Because Galvalume is trickier to install and more difficult to source the parts needed, many gutter installers typically do not offer it. The challenge with installing the system, compared to copper or galvanized, is the sealing of the joints and seams. Due to the fact that soldering the product is nearly impossible, we use a bonding compound that has lasted much longer than many sealing agents. Because we care about providing the best solutions and all we do is gutter installation, we research and resource the best products and practices for our clients. It is a product we have all the confidence installing. We go above and beyond the norm in our industry to provide a five star experience.

galvalume gutter

When it comes to Galvalume, the Brothers that just do Gutters would love to be your installer of choice. Not only do we work to provide you with a five-star experience, we work to provide you with five-star products in every phase of installation. For more information and to schedule a free quote visit our website or call us at 1-866-550-3569.