Gutter Book Shelves & Other Gutter Projects

Many of us tend to think of gutters as basic necessities for the home, nothing crafty or unique, just basic. Creativity is hardly the first impressions we get when we think of gutters, but for these homeowners creativity knows no boundaries. Let’s make gutter book shelves, rain chimes, and gutter gardens!

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Musical Gutter System in Dresden, Germany

Outdoor DIY In The Garden

Gutters don’t just have to be used for the home. In fact, if you’re looking to be environmentally friendly you can recycle old metal gutters into new, functional creations. Gutters make great outdoor potting plants. Some people hang them directly to the side of their homes while others prefer to string them up and let them hang. And it makes sense to plant in gutters, after all when gutters are on your home they constantly have to be cleaned of debris. If not vegetation will start growing in the gutters. However when taken off the home, suddenly a common problem has become a solution. Gutters are great for gardening.

The Brothers that just do Gutters
Gutter Gardens

Gutter Book Shelves

Thinking of buying a bookshelf? Don’t bother! Gutters are a creative way to shelve your books. However if you’re looking for a fun way to incorporate gutters into your social life, we’d suggest making a built in gutter cooler. That’s right, for all you outdoor living folk now there’s a simply way to sit at the table and have your cold drinks an arms length away. The gutter table is simply a picnic table with the center wood panel taken out and replaced with a gutter. As seen below you can fill the gutter with ice and have ice cold drinks for your party!

Gutter Shelves

Gutter Cooler in a Picnic Table

But gutters aren’t the only place for creativity! The downspouts can be a great place to add a personal touch without over doing it. In some of these examples we see homeowners playing on the concept of running water.

If want to add some uniqueness to your home while being echo-friendly, consider a copper rain chain. Rain chains can be both fun and classy. Rain gutter accessories add charm to your home.

The Brothers that just do Gutters
Rain Chains

Even in our office we use gutters for designs. We have gutters used as bookshelves and a custom made (by the Brothers) conference table with copper downspouts for legs. For more information on creative gutter and downspout ideas please contact The Brothers that just do Gutters for a FREE consultation.

Custom Conference Table with Copper Legs and Gutter Shelves