Is Your Gutter Leaking? Here’s How You Can Tell

If you are evaluating whether your home needs a gutter repair or not, there are a few obvious signs to be on the lookout for. Because not all red flags are recognizable. Identifying the signs of failing gutters is extremely important. Your gutter system plays a crucial role. Especially in protecting your home (specifically the foundation) from damages caused by water buildup. Because gutter leaking could spell trouble for your home and its foundation like flooding, water damages, and/or mold.

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Is Your Gutter Leaking?

When evaluating your gutters, here are a few things you should be looking for and/or asking yourself:

  1. Are there any visible damages, like cracks in the gutter itself or are your gutters pulling away from the home?
  2. Is water continually overflowing at a heavy rate from your gutter system during storms?
  3. Do you have a large amount of water pooling around your foundation during storms?
  4. Does water leak from parts of the gutter that it shouldn’t be?
  5. Do you see nails popping or sticking out of the gutters?
  6. Do your gutters have things growing in them, or animals nesting in them?
  7. Can you see light between the back of the gutter and the fascia?
  8. Do you see water stains on the fascia?

Are Your Gutters Failing?

The examples listed above on gutter leaking are specific to the gutter system itself. They are often easily identifiable. However, there may be issues you have not noticed in other areas of your home. These could also be an indication of your gutters failing. They may include:

  1. Water or flooding in the basement
  2. Lines in your landscape below the gutters
  3. Rotting decks, garage doors, or windowsills where gutters are or (if you have no gutters) should be
  4. Cracking of your foundation, sidewalks, or driveway
  5. Paint flaking on the siding of your home (indicating some sort of continued water leakage)

Do You Need A Gutter Repair?

If your gutters are experiencing any of the easily identifiable issues presented above it’s time for a repair. Especially if the area near the gutter leaking has cracks. Or is it pulling away from the home, or water leaking from areas it shouldn’t be? These are very clear indications that you need a gutter repair and or replacement (depending on the damage). With seamless gutters, if there is a crack in the gutter, the system will likely need to be replaced. This is because they are installed in one continuous piece. Meaning, one section cannot be simply replaced or repaired. In cases where the seamless gutter is pulling from a home, often the gutter can be refastened to your fascia, if there are no other damages.

If you are experiencing heavy gutter overflow and/or water pooling at your foundation, this may be an indication that your gutters are clogged. If your gutters are in fact clogged, this water buildup issue can likely be remedied with a cleaning. However, if this is happening and your gutters are not clogged, this could mean there are other issues, like having the wrong sized gutters, or poor gutter pitch. If your gutters are continually clogging, you may want to consider getting gutter guards to help eliminate clogs as well as the nuisance of continued cleanings.

Do You Have Pooling Around Your Foundation?

If you have no gutters at all, you are likely experiencing pooling around your foundation. This can be very harmful to your foundation and could lead to potential for cracked foundation, water in your basement and/or potential for mold buildup. Read more on the risks associated with having no gutters on your home HERE.

Check These Locations Too:

Along with foundation issues, you may be surprised to learn that landscaping, driveways, sidewalks, garage doors, and your home’s siding can help you to identify gutter problems. Rotting or cracking of what is below your gutters means that there is some sort of water buildup and/or improper drainage happening. If the water is leaking between your gutters and fascia (behind your gutter) this may lead to dripping down the side of your home, which overtime could cause peeling paint or waterlines. This is a telltale clue that you may need a gutter repair or replacement. Similarly, rotting of decks, garage doors, or other areas of your home under your existing or non-existing gutters could also indicate that your gutters aren’t working as they should.

Call The Pros

If you have any suspicions that your gutters may not be working 100% properly, it is crucial that you call the professionals in to fully inspect your system, especially since some warning signs are not easily identifiable to an untrained eye. Leaving these unrepaired for an extended period could turn into much larger home repairs or remediation. If you are experiencing any of the warning signs discussed, please call us today for your free evaluation and repair estimate! If you are still not sure if you need a gutter repair or a new system entirely, we can help you to identify this!