Your Home’s Exterior: Colors That Sell

You may think the exterior color of your home isn’t all that important, but experts say the color can affect how your home sells. If you think about it, the logic behind this idea makes sense. The exterior of the home is the first thing a potential buyer sees, and first impressions are usually the strongest. When a potential buyer steps on to a property they begin to imagine themselves living there. If they cannot imagine this, and they are turned off by something as silly as the exterior color, the sale could be over before it begins.

Exterior Paint Colors That Sell

So, what are some popular colors that could potentially aid in a buyer’s decision to close the deal?

  1. Off-white
  2. Taupe
  3. Gray
  4. Blue Gray
  5. Yellow
  6. White
  7. Grayish-green
  8. Brown

Most of these colors are on the neutral and safe side, and give off a great earthy, and homey feel. The obvious bolder choices on this list would be yellow and red. Yellow gives off a vibe of happiness, which is a great feeling to evoke in the very beginning of your open house. However, a bright yellow can be a bit abrasive to some home buyers, so if considering yellow, it is best to stay within the paler pallet. Red is often preferred by the more rustic clientele, closely resembling traditional barns. A red closer to maroon would be ideal for the “barn house” feel, but trying a brighter red can give off a fresher, more modern look.

Gutters & Accessories

While the paint color of your home may be the initial eye catcher and set the tone for the overall first impression, attention to detail should not be overlooked. The color of the accessories and details of your home’s exterior; like its gutters, the front door, and the trimming, is key in creating the overall finished look you are after.

Did you know that The Brothers that just do Gutters offer seamless colored gutters in almost 20 different shades? Here are a few colors that could go great with the popular home color choices above.
When it comes to off-white and taupe homes, we offer several choices that could be a great compliment and/or match. We have some light off-white shades like eggshell, linen, and degree white, as well as, antique ivory, wicker, and sand, which would fall more closely to taupe. If you want your gutters to stand out against your white, or off-white home, you may want to try our green, red, or black!

For the shades with gray undertones we have a heritage blue (which falls under the “blue gray category), dove gray, and terratone. We also offer a grecian green, perfect to compliment your grayish-green home. Or, try royal brown to further enhance the earthy tones, creating a homey sense of comfort.

Additional Options

If colored gutters aren’t your thing, you can always stick with white seamless gutters for a traditional, classic feel, or try some of our other specialty materials like copper, galvalume, or galvanized. Some homeowners even use colored gutters to blend in with their home and fascia as camouflaging the gutter system entirely.

Exterior accents can be a great way to blend or tie your home’s design together, or to accent it to help it stand out. A bold colored front door is the most common home accent trending now that you may also consider. Interested in finding out more on our colored copper gutter options? Visit our colored gutter page or ask your Solutionist!