How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost

How much does gutter cleaning cost? Clean gutters means water is flowing properly and your home is protected against water damage to your siding, and walkways. However, cleaning gutters yourself can be a hassle. If you have a tall roof, getting up on a ladder to clean your gutters can be dangerous. This is why some homeowners choose to hire a professional to do it for them.

Homeowners should typically have a gutter cleaning hire a professional. However, it could be more or less depending on the weather in your area and the number of trees in close proximity to your home.

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

A gutter cleaning should typically cost around $200 when hiring an insured professional. Our company offers a maintenance contract that allows homeowners to sign up for multiple gutter cleanings at a discounted price. Essentially the frequency of the gutter cleaning drives the price down, meaning you get more cleanings for less. It costs around $200 for the first 100ft and $1 per foot after that.

How much does gutter cleaning cost

Schedule Your Gutter Cleaning Service In Advance

Clients have received a gutter cleaning for as little as $140 a cleaning if they signed up for multiple cleanings in advance. The reason we encourage homeowners to consider this option is because gutters should be cleaned 2 times a year to handle the varying types of leaves, debris, and seasons.

Spring Cleaning

In March, the weight of snow, ice, branches, and twigs can loosen a gutter system from the home or even tear it down completely. In the spring, trees are growing buds, seeds, helicopters etc. This debris is smaller than leaves and can clog your gutters. By having your gutters cleaned in the spring, they will be able to handle the big summer thunderstorms with ease.

Fall Cleaning

Early fall is a good time to have your gutters cleaned because leaves are beginning to turn, and fall. If avoided, clogged gutters can lead to overflow which causes flooded basements and other property damage. Lastly, in late fall we recommend having your gutters cleaned to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. When clogged gutters meet the snow and ice that comes with the winter season it can result in costly repairs later on. Regardless of whether you have new gutters or 20-year-old gutters, your gutters need to be maintained.

If you are looking to repair a gutter due to damage or a leak you may be surprised at the price. A number of homeowners find out the price to repair a portion of their gutter and choose to replace the entire gutter instead. By simply repairing a section of gutter you’re just putting a band aide over the problem. By continually replacing one section of gutter you’re compromising the entire gutter system, which could cause more leaks later on. Most of the time it’s just better to replace the entire gutter.

In closing, there isn’t much variation in price between repairing a portion of gutter and replacing the entire unit. For more information on how much does gutter cleaning cost  call us at 845-223-6111 and sign up for a free estimate.