How to Install a Heated Gutter System

Does your home suffer from ice damming or large icicles in the winter? Heated gutter systems are specifically made to prevent and lessen the damage of both ice damming and large icicles from your gutter’s edge.

The Brothers that just do Gutters do not install heat cable on the roof’s edge, but rather inside of the gutter system with a guard installed on top. The guard serves as both an added protection for the heat cable, and serves to strengthen your overall gutter system so it can better stand up to the added weight of snow and ice in the winter.

When installing our heated gutter system, we double loop the cable providing two layers of heat, one at the bottom of the gutter and one at the surface just under the guard. The top layer of cable is secured to the gutter’s hangers. The guard is then placed on top.

When the temperature decreases, and snow and ice begins to buildup on your guard, the self regulating heat cable within our heated gutter system will start to heat up and melt this ice and snow. The cable regulates intensity automatically based on weather conditions.

Watch the video below to see our process for installing heated gutter systems – “How to install a heated gutter system”