How To Install Heat Tape

Here at the Brothers Gutters through our years of experience, we know how to install heat tape effectively and efficiently. We have the proper strategy for installing the heat cable. Properly means running the cable over the hangers and along the bottom of the gutter in a loop. Then we cover the gutter with a guard system.

After our part is done, a licensed electrician makes the connection from the gutter to the electric panel. Using this installation practice allows the process to be smoother, faster and cost less. With gutter guard and a heat cable, the gutter system creates a heat zone. This is hot enough to melt the amount of snow and ice we experience in the winter.

How To Install Heat Tape To Your Guttershow to install heat tape

As a company we have researched this topic extensively and drew from our years of experience. Being based in the Hudson Valley we have been bombarded with ice dams for the past five years, so we have seen it first hand. ┬áBut don’t take our word for it alone. We talked to our good friend Eric Self of Self Made Electric and asked his thoughts on the best way to install heat cable. He gave us the following suggestions:

Installing heat cable on the roof adds unnecessary costs in time and product expense. Installing on the roof can triple the costs to have heat cable, he said. He went on to say, The idea with heat cable is to get the water from the roof to the ground. Using it in the gutter system will most efficiently get the job done. And just for added emphasis, he went on to say, installing cable on the roof is unnecessary if you have the cable properly installed in the gutter system. He did warn us though that sometimes, there can still be problems with ice dams since gutters are not the only source of ice damming. We touch on this very idea in our Ice Damming blog and encourage you to look into using many methods to prevent ice dams.

Adding Gutter Guards To Your Systemhow to install heat tape gutters

Keeping ice and snow out of the gutter system entirely will greatly reduce the risks associated with the ice expansion at the roofline. Ice in the gutters push against the hangers and fascia and can add thousands of pounds to your gutter systems. We highly recommend the installation of gutter guards to strengthen the gutter system. Much as we recommend using a guard, it cannot resolve or stop ice damming alone.

In fact, most guards are known to have icicles early in the winter. This doesn’t mean the guard is defective, it’s just the easiest spot for icicles to form from the snow sitting on the guard. Shy of insulating your attic with spray foam, properly installed heat cable is the most effective way to deal with ice and snow in the gutters, as well as combating ice dams.

Winters in the Northeast have been consistently hard on all of us. In the recent years it has not been kind to our homes. As a gutter company who aims to be a five-star contractor, The Brothers that just do Gutters have been working very hard every winter to battle the elements. We want to bring the best resolution to homeowners. In the past, we offered snow and ice removal. However, we decided to focus more on just gutters and less of anything else. We have come to realize that the better solution for ice and snow buildup is to be proactive. To plan for them well before the snow falls is essential.

If you would like some more information on ice dams be sure to read our other blogs on the subject. If you’re interested in learning how to install heat tape into your gutter system, give us a call or to schedule an estimate.