How to prevent ice damming

Ice damming is an issue many homes struggle with during the winter months. Learning what causes ice damming and how to prevent ice damming is important before we head into winter. What most people do not know, is that ice damming is caused by heat loss, usually from your home’s attic. When the heat escapes from your attic, it warms up the snow and ice on the roof. This snow and ice then melts, and when it slides down your roof and reaches areas that are still cold, it will refreeze causing ice dams. This can occur on your roof’s edge and/or your gutter system.

Heat cable is usually the number one prevention method for those that struggle with ice damming, however how it is installed is very important. Installing heat cable on the edge of the roof, as most contractors do, will void your roof warranty, and this method is also not all that efficient. This method will melt the ice and snow on the roofs edge, but this melted water will then flow down to the gutter, that is still cold. Since the gutter is still cold, it will refreeze on top of the gutter, still causing ice damming. Learn more on preventing ice damming and its risks in the infographic below.