Ice Dam Removal & Water Damage Costs

Recently we discussed and provided a breakdown of the costs of installing and running a heated gutter system, but we didn’t discuss the potential cost of not having a heated gutter system. If your home struggles with ice damming and heat loss, there very well may be a cost for not taking preventative measures. Here is a breakdown of some costs associated with ice dam removal, as well as water damage and other potential issues ice buildup and heat loss can cause.

Click HERE for more information on what ice damming is, and why it happens.

Ice dam potential risks:

Ice dam removal costs: 

Ice dam removal, on average, can range anywhere from $700-$1,400 depending on many variables.

  1. Amount of snow/ice
  2. Weight of snow/ice
  3. Accessibility
  4. How many problem areas
  5. Projects level of difficulty

Water damage restoration costs: 

If your home struggles and/or has struggled with severe ice damming and there are areas of water damage within your home from leaks, the cost to restore these areas will vary depending on the damage.

  1. Small patch up areas on average tend to range anywhere from $100 – $300.
  2. Drying a flooded basement out can cost anywhere from $500 – $10,000 and up depending on how severe the flood damage was, as well as the size of the basement. If appliances such as a washer and dryer were in your basement and the connections/appliances were damaged that is an added cost.
  3. With water damage there is always potential for mold. Mold removal can be a pretty costly bill, and ranges largely depending on the scope of the project, and the severity of mold infestation. On average mold removal will cost you anywhere from $600 – $6,000.

Ice dam prevention measures: 

As well as installing a heated gutter system to help prevent ice damming and ice buildup, it is also important to make sure your attic is insulated properly. The main reason ice damming occurs is due to heat escaping from your attic. Find FAQ’s on heated gutter systems HERE, as well as information on the cost of heated gutter systems HERE.