Oak Tree Catkins & Gutter Cleanings

A number of different species oak tree’s are among the large list of trees native to Virginia. With just a few being White Oak, Post Oak, Chestnut Oak, Black Oak and Live Oak. With an abundance of these trees, comes an abundance of falling oak tassels/catkin. These oak tree catkins come from the male trees and are a yellowish-green in color. On average they measure to be about 2-4 inches in length. In Richmond, VA and Lynchburg, VA they are currently seeing a lot of homeowners with clogged gutters, specifically filled with these catkins.

oak tree catkins

About Oak Tree Catkins

These trees also produce acorns that are overall egg-shaped, 3⁄4 to a couple inches long, a light chestnut brown color when ripe, and usually mature in a season or two. Their caps are generally warty and bowl-shaped, covering approximately 1⁄4 of the acorn and detaches at maturity, which can again cause alarm for your Virginia gutter systems!

Clean That Oak Pollen From Your Gutters

The Brothers that just do Gutters offer extensive cleaning services to combat this overwhelming clutter of oak tree tassels. We also offer gutter guards that can prevent your now clean gutters from clogging again, in the future. This time of year, specifically, the catkins are very prominent. Call our Richmond, VA and Lynchburg, VA locations today to schedule your cleaning and get rid of these pesky catkins!

The Brothers full interior gutter maintenance services include:

Gutters can last up to 30 years provided they are cleaned on a regular basis.

oak tree catkins in gutters

To protect your clean gutters after their interior maintenance is performed you may want to think about installing Rhino Guards. Their stainless steel micro-mesh design creates a protective barrier consisting of 440-micron openings that can take in an amazing 60 gallons of water per minute while keeping debris as small as pine needles and shingle grit out of the gutter system.

Our Richmond, and Lynchburg branches know what you’re going through and they are here to help. Give them a call before the oak tree catkins really damage your gutter system!