Asking Your Project Manager Interview Questions Is Essential

We at The Brothers that just do Gutters believe in the value of asking your project manager interview questions. Interviewing a contractor differs from strictly getting pricing.

Your home is important to you and is probably one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. Therefore, it is important to make sure you are, not only confident in their abilities, but that you also trust them, as they will be given access to this investment.

This is why The Brothers make sure to meet with every client in person during the estimate process. We want you to trust us and speak to us face-to-face before you commit to our product. If a company is giving you a price over the phone and cannot meet you, this may be a red flag. Do you really want someone you never met before to have full access to your home, and possessions? Meeting a gutter project manager also aids in getting to know them and what they have to offer. You are able to determine things about a person, and a company in person, that you cannot on the phone. We’ve complied a list of project manager interview questions and answers.

Not only will this person have access to your home, but you are also putting your home’s safety into the hands of others. The work they do and their level of skill and professionalism should be paramount in your decision making process. We believe the value of the work done, and a company’s character outweighs a number, and regret may later come from simply choosing the lowest price. Your gutters are the first defense for damage caused by rainwater, and a proper install can prevent more costly repairs.

Why we believe asking a project manager interview questions is so important.

The Brothers make sure to meet every client in person to build trust, and establish a clear line of communication throughout the whole process!

Ryan and Ken go into more detail in this video below.