Rain Gutter Installation VS. DIY Gutters

Today, seamless gutters have become the industry standard and sectional gutters have become a DIY gutter project or repair solution. Before considering DIY, let’s look at the advantages to have a pro do your rain gutter installation.

How Do Seamless Gutters Compare to DIY gutters?

Seamless gutters are rain gutters created on-site with a gutter machine roll forming a gutter into one continuous run. Sectional gutters differ from seamless because they are installed in pieces, and because of this, have seams. Sectional gutters are also often made from lesser quality materials. For example, like plastic or vinyl and sold in thinner gauges to help bring down costs.

Seamless Gutters

The Pro’s Prospective:

At The Brothers that just do Gutters, we can install seamless gutters in aluminum, as well as specialty materials including copper, galvalume, and galvanized. We also offer both k-style and half-round gutters as seamless, as well as aluminum colored gutters.

When it comes to the topic of cost of seamless gutters vs. the cost of sectional gutters, although you may imagine sectional gutters as a cheaper install, the cost is actually similar. Because sectional gutters require a lot of time, extra pieces, caulking, and tools, seamless gutter installations are very close in price. Because they are easier to install, professional gutter contractors prefer to install them to cut down on labor costs.

Not only are they easier to install, but the quality of seamless gutters is much greater than that of sectional guttering sold at Home Depot, Lowes, or other big-box stores, making them the less preferred option for professional installs. Seamless gutters also have a lesser chance of leaking or becoming damaged at the seams because they do not have seams. Because DIY gutters are often installed incorrectly, seamless gutters not only last much longer than DIY gutters, but they perform better too.

Things to Consider Before DIY:

If your home experiences a large amount of water runoff during heavy rains, it is likely that your gutter system is not large enough. For these situations, 6” oversized seamless gutters are often the better option. Oversized gutters can handle 40% more water than standard 5” seamless gutters can.

Here are some other reasons why you may want to consider oversized seamless gutters for your home:

Let the Brothers Help

If your home is in need of new gutters, we highly recommend that you consider professional grade seamless gutters instead of DIY gutters. If you are wondering how hard DIY gutters really are to install, see our blog dealing with this question HERE.

Here are some warning signs that you need a new rain gutter installation:

Some of these warning signs can be signs of much more severe and costly damages to come. For example, like mold removal, and foundation damage. The professionals here at Brothers Gutters want to do your rain gutter installation. If your home is in need of gutters, contact Brothers Gutters today for your free seamless gutter quote and let us help find the best solution for your unique home!