Custom Seamless Copper Gutters

If you’re looking to add a “wow” factor to your home, you may want to consider a custom seamless copper gutters installation. Copper is not only beautiful and a stand out product on its own, but it can also be customized to fit your unique home and personality. At The Brothers Gutters, we produce a lot of custom copper gutter projects for our clients, franchise wide.

Custom seamless copper gutters installation jobs can include things like:

Copper Accessories

Our custom copper clients tend to pay great attention to detail and enjoy, not only the aesthetic appeal of the copper material, but also, the standout accessories like the ones listed above. Accessories like rain chains, custom scuppers, and decorative hangers serve as perfect finishing details to bring the whole project together.

Scuppers allow drainage of excess water and in conjunction with gutters. Many homeowners who have scuppers on their home like to use them as a creative accent pieces.

Hangers are meant to hang the gutter to your home. Today, it is most common to install hidden hangers on the inside of the gutter and are virtually invisible. But, if a homeowner decides to use hangers as accents, decorative hangers can be installed on the outside of the gutter instead.

Read our blog, 5 Gutter Accessories You Didn’t Know Existed for a full breakdown of these gutter accessories.

Here are some examples of The Brothers that just do Gutters custom seamless copper gutters jobs:

Benefits of Copper Gutters

Not only are copper gutters unique and aesthetically pleasing, but they also are the most durable of gutter materials. Properly maintained copper gutters can last anywhere from 50-150 years. Whereas, most other materials have a total lifespan of 10-30 years.

If you’ve ever seen copper that is several years old, you may have noticed that it has turned a dark brown/green hue. This is because overtime copper patinas, which is one of the reasons why copper lasts so long. You can even DIY this look.

Aside from the obvious durability benefits that this patina provides, the aesthetics of its warn antique look is also very appealing to homeowners. A copper gutter system looks beautiful on historic homes. This antique finish helps to further enhance and complement the historical features of their home. Copper is not just for historic homes though. Copper gutters can make for a great standout to vinyl siding, and complement to other backgrounds like brick or stucco.

If you are interested in a unique custom seamless copper gutter job for your home, contact us today for your free estimate!