How Storm Stella Will Affect Your Gutters

What is winter without any significant snowstorms or accumulations? Well Storm Stella is about to hit! Final predictions for Storm Stella are sitting at 1-2 feet of total snow accumulation. What was originally a winter weather advisory has now been updated to a blizzard warning.

This warning is expected to impact our area Monday night late through to Tuesday evening. With such large accumulations, it is important to not only be prepared, but to understand expectations for this storm, specifically when it come to your gutter system.

Preparation For Storm

As we begin to prepare for the winter Storm Stella, we want to review some preparations, expectations, and to dos. Here are some things you will see in this blog:

  1. Snow removal
  2. Preparation checklist
  3. Expectations for each unique gutter system
  4. Ice damming definition, and expectations
  5. FAQ’s

Snow Removal:

Checklist For Storm Stella:

Gutter System Expectations:

Blizzards & ICE DAMMING:


  1. Are icicles bad? What should I do about them?
  2. Why do I have icicles/ice now that you installed gutter guards? I’ve never had them previously!
  3. What is an ice dam and why am I getting them?
  4. What kind of ice melt can I throw on the roof? And what about in the gutters to help melt the ice?
  5. Will using a roof rake damage my gutters and/or guards?