Unique Solutions for your Home

Solutions to remodeling, repairing, and updating your home are never a one-size-fits-all. What may have worked on one home or even on your own home previously, may not be possible or repeatable. At The Brothers that just do Gutters, we value customization and want to offer you unique solutions as necessary.

What’s A Solutionist©?

If you’ve worked with us, or you’ve visited our website, you’ve likely seen the word Solutionist© floating around, and you may have wondered what exactly a Solutionist© is. In 2009, we incorporated this name into our business model to replace Salesman, President, CEO, etc. because we felt it embodied what we represent to our clients. Finding unique solutions to your gutter problems is what we do. We do not sell the same product to every client and we do not push things they do not need. But instead, we provide them with exactly what they will need to solve their gutter problems.

This may sound familiar. Many contractors provide a similar offer. The difference is in the approach of the person helping you out.

Here are a few basic questions to ask when deciding if the salesperson is selling or solving:

  1. Do they offer you options and solutions, or are they trying to force you into buying a specific product?
  2. Are they listening for your needs and concerns, and suggesting corrections?
  3. Are they overselling their product and/or making unique claims about the quality?
  4. Do they ask questions to gather more information, or do they presume that they already know it all?

The Unique Solution Evaluation

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t always make the recommendation to replace a gutter system if it is not necessary. When it comes to aging gutter systems, we try to help out the homeowner by installing hidden hangers to help strengthen the gutters first (typically done during a cleaning or repair).


However, we do recommend replacing your gutters once they are beyond the help of any assistance, or there is too much maintenance on them. A good way to tell if your gutters are aging is to look up at the gutters from right beneath the front. Are there nails popping out of the front? If so, this is an indication of an aging gutter system that should be replaced.

We have seen contractors try to sell what they have, or what they want to sell, instead of what is the correct solution for the home. For example, if a contractor does not offer 6” gutters, they may try to push 5” simply because they don’t offer 6” or they don’t have 6” material on the truck and want to do the job on the spot. However, this does not mean that it is the correct solution for your home. If it is the incorrect solution for your home, you will still experience problematic gutter overflow.

When our Solutionists© come to your home, they don’t always recommend the biggest gutters. They are trained to know what will work for your home and offer you most custom unique solution.

The best practice to always employ when dealing with contractors is to educate yourself as much as possible. A good place to find information relating to gutters on your home is, of course, our own blog and newsletters. We send out newsletters every month full of great blogs and other interesting information. If you need a solution for your home, give us a call or visit www.brothersgutters.com and fill out a form.