MicroGuard Gutter Guard in Columbia, SC

The Brothers that Just Do Gutters in Columbia, SC offers MicroGuard gutter guard in Columbia, Lexington, Simpsonville, and the surrounding areas.

The MicroGuard gutter guard is a great way to keep out larger obstacles like pests and leaves. It provides a bit less protection against smaller debris than other micro-mesh guards, but is still a great option for protecting your gutters.

MicroGuard Gutter Guard Configurations

MicroGuard gutter guard is available in three different configurations: traditional, reverse bend, and flat. The traditional MicroGuard attaches to the front of the gutter and the back sits on the rear bracket facing down. The reverse bend configuration attaches to the front of the gutter with its back facing up, fitting to the drip edge. The flat configuration is attached to the front of the gutter and the back fits flat under the first row of shingles.

MicroGuard Gutter Guard Features

MicroGuard gutter guard is made of 032 gauge aluminum and has 2,000 holes per linear foot. This ensures that only water can pass through the guard, while keeping out debris. The MicroGuard gutter guard also has a built-in UV inhibitor to prevent fading and discoloration.

Installation of MicroGuard Gutter Guard

Installation of MicroGuard gutter guard is easy and straightforward. The MicroGuard gutter guard is designed to fit any size gutter and can be installed quickly and efficiently. The MicroGuard gutter guard can be installed by the homeowner or by a professional gutter installer.