Gutter Magic No. 9

Do your gutters look gray and stained?

Are your gutters ugly gray looks distracting from your home?

If these questions describe your gutters, we have a solution! Gutter Magic No. 9 is a powerful cleaner with the perfect formula to remove nasty gutter stains without damaging the baked on finish and luster or your original gutters.

Gutter Magic No.9 is specifically formulated to clean aluminum and remove stubborn stains and tiger striping from aluminum gutters.

What is Tiger Striping?
Rain contains acid and pollution. When rain hits the front lip of a gutter, it naturally beads across the front face of the gutter. The reaction with aluminum causes black/gray staining. This reaction has proven for decades to be almost impossible to clean.

Gutter Magic No. 9 removes this staining and allows us the opportunity to clean both the inside and outside of the gutters for our clients.

If you would like to have the tiger striping removed from your gutters or receive a free estimate, please fill out the form below or give us a call.