Leaf Solution

At The Brothers that just do Gutters, we are continually researching new products to make sure that we are always offering the best materials available on the market to our clients. Recently, when doing this research, we found a new-to-market gutter guard unlike any we’ve seen before. By combining some of the best qualities from guards already on the market with research on the biggest complaints and flaws of a number of industry leading guards, our current guard manufacturer was able to create a unique and extremely effective design and solution.


What is the best gutter guard?

The secret to Leaf Solution’s success lies in its design. Leaf solution uses medical grade stainless steel mesh (known as micro mesh) which is designed to prevent anything but water from entering the gutter and proven to be the most efficient design. Why Leaf Solution stands out among other micro-mesh guards is the because of the 3 downward dips, or speed bumps, that run through the product. These dips slow down and drive the water through the mesh ensuring it can take a large volume of water without overflowing the gutter. This design works together with the micro-mesh technology to keep the water flowing properly through your gutter system while also making sure the smallest of debris, like pine needles and roof grit, cannot enter your gutter system and cause clogs.

Leaf Solution’s design serves to offer our homeowners peace of mind, by eliminating the concern of clogged gutters and the potential for expensive water damage, while also remaining unobtrusive. Leaf Solution uses the same mesh utilized in Rhino Gutter Guards.

Leaf Solution is designed without holes, slits, louvers, or other openings that allow debris to collect in your gutters. The innovative design combines an aluminum body and structural membrane with an integral medical grade stainless steel mesh to filter out ALL forms of debris.

Our gutter guard is backed by a “100% “NO CLOG” guarantee and your complete satisfaction is assured through our money back guarantee. Leaf solution is proudly made in the USA from only the best materials available. It is then tested and checked for compliance by rigorous quality standards. However, if for any reason you start to experience clogging, simply give us a call and we will immediately send a crew member out to assess the problem. For more information on Leaf Solution gutter protection please visit our common questions section.

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