Half Round Gutters in Grand Rapids, MI

Providing Half Round Gutters in Grand Rapids, MI, and the Surrounding Areas

When selecting a gutter system, it is not always common knowledge that there are multiple style options available. Half round gutters offer an alternative style for your gutters, and they are available in all gutter materials that The Brothers that just do Gutters install. They are also available in 5 inch and 6 inch gutter sizes.

K Style and Half Round Gutters

The two styles of gutters that The Brothers offer are traditional K-Style Standard gutters and the classic Half Round gutters. While K-style gutters are more functional, durable, and affordable, half round gutters are more attractive, efficient, and low-maintenance. The aesthetic beauty of these gutters is most often the reason they are chosen as a gutter solution. Their rounded shape works beautifully with a variety of style homes. They resemble a tube that has been cut in half. Their symmetrical U-shape complements the rounded architecture seen on many older homes. We have been adding them to newer homes also. As the modern designs have more unique architectural elements that have less angular shapes.

half round gutters

Materials and Sizes

Along with these style options, there are also different materials and sizes available. Our gutters are available in aluminum, galvalume, color, and copper, galvanized gutters. They typically come in 10-foot seamless sections, which can be easily installed and attached to your home. Prices will vary per order and style/material/size preferences. We also offer them in seamless, which is always a better installation. Eliminating seams lessens the potential for leaks or damage to those areas.

Custom Design

Creating a custom design for your gutter system is our specialty. With a variety of options in style, size, and material, we offer a unique, functional, and design-forward customization process. Contact us today to get a system tailored to your home’s needs and style preferences.