Fascia Boards in Lynchburg, VA

Add a finishing touch to your homes throughout Lynchburg and the surrounding areas with Fascia Boards

Fascia Board

What is a fascia board? Often referred to as a soffit board, it is a board that runs horizontally below the end of the roof. It covers up gaps between the struts of the rooftop. Usually made of wood, synthetic wood, or metal, it and the soffit work in tandem to enclose the upper story of a dwelling. Furthermore, it functions to support and stabilize rain gutters.


Fascias are common in today’s modern dwellings, but Colonial or Victorian houses which boast elaborate rafter tails typically do not have fascia boards. Initially, it was thought that the large roof overhangs manufactured by these detailed joists were sufficiently extensive to divert water far enough from the home’s base. Even though this is regularly the philosophy, it isn’t necessarily factual. Water can still leak into the bottom of your property. This liquid can mar siding, painting, windows, and doors.

If your home’s fascia is damaged, rotted, or completely gone, the Brothers that just do Gutters can help you out. They offer aluminum fascia wrap in various sizes to repair the damage or a full fascia replacement.

It can be hard to identify if the fascia is rotting without taking off the gutter first. If water has been leaking between the two for a while, it’s likely the fascia is decayed. A rotten fascia won’t be able to support gutters designed to handle large amounts of snow.

Here are some reasons why having a fascia board (in good condition) is the best option:

• Fascia provides a layer of strength to help stabilize the gutter.
• Fascia allows a place for the soffit to attach and close off the attic space
• Soffit is vented which prevents winter ice, water from entering the home, and keeps the home cooler in the summer months.
• Open rafter without fascia get screwed into the end grain of the available wood. It is not as strong as screwing it into the perpendicular wood of the fascia board (more strength and stability when you are able to screw into grains of wood that run horizontally).
• Open rafters with no fascia often allow for insects and animals to find their way into your home.

If your home has issues with fascia and installation, a workaround is to extend the overhang and install fascia on it. Gutters can then be added afterwards.