At The Brothers that just do Gutters, we are continually researching new products to make sure that we are always offering the best materials available on the market to our clients. Recently, when doing this research, we found a new-to-market gutter guard unlike any we’ve seen before. By combining some of the best qualities from guards already on the market with research on the biggest complaints and flaws of a number of industry leading guards, our current guard manufacturer was able to create a unique and extremely effective design and solution.


Leaf Protection With A Complete Gutter Guard Solution

MicroGuard provides a bit less protection against the smaller debris than our other micro-mesh guard products do, but is great for keeping bigger pests out like leaves. It features a raised, stepped groove that prevents water from splashing back underneath the roof shingles, and is available in three different configurations; traditional, reverse bend, and flat.

 Traditional Microguard attaches to the front of the gutter and the back sits on the rear bracket, facing down. The reverse bend MicroGaurd is attached to the front of the gutter with its back facing up, fitting to the drip edge. MicroGuard flat is attached to the front of the gutter and its back is flat allowing it to fit under the first row of shingles. MicroGuard is made of 032 gauge aluminum and has 2000 holes per linear foot of guard. Its angled micro-perforations help to block large debris from sticking to, and entering the screen, while also allowing water to continue to flow into the gutter system.