Copper Gutters

Adding a copper gutter to your home can create a beautiful curb appeal! These gutters have a gold, metallic color but will eventually form a patina and become a dark brown/green color. The patina creates an antique or vintage appearance. It is a great way to accent or complement your home and can also add retail value to the home.

As beautiful as copper gutters are, they may not be the solution for your home. Often Historic and High-End homes look the best with copper gutters. Brick, stone, stucco, wood, and slate accented homes are other backgrounds that mesh well with a copper gutter system. The pictures below, and to the right, showcase some of our copper gutter work.

Why Does Your Copper Gutter Patina?

The reason a copper gutter system changes color is because of the patina that forms when copper is exposed to the atmosphere. The copper reacts with carbon dioxide, oxygen, moisture, and pollutants. When moisture and oxygen come into contact with copper, it oxidizes the two elements. This will eventually lead to giving the copper a tarnished, darker appearance. After a few years, the tarnish will darken into a brown or black.

The copper starts to green when the copper gutter system is exposed to a more salty atmosphere. The patina can form from varying elements in the environment. When there is contact with carbon dioxide and copper, a copper carbonate forms. When either of these reacts to acidic rain or sulfur, the green patina begins to form. The patina acts as a protective layer against further corrosion, and also protects against rust.

Durability And Style

Copper gutters not only look nice but are also extremely durable, making them more resilient in all weather. Because of this, they are less likely to weaken. Properly maintained copper gutters can last for around 50-150 years, which is longer than any other gutter material on the market. Most other materials last for around 10-30 years.

These gutter systems have different styles and options including, a traditional seamless ‘k-style’ gutter system. Deciding between k-style gutters depends on a variety of circumstances and customer preferences. These systems are also available in 5 inch, 6 inch, or even larger sizes.

We also offer gutters on a radius fascia (see the video on the right). Radius gutter installation is the most difficult type of gutter installation and is notf offered by most gutter companies.

Not sure what type of gutters you want? Don’t worry! During the consultation/estimate phase of the project, we consider all factors, including budget, function, and aesthetics. We then work with you to determine the most suitable style and materials best for your home.

Multiple options and upgrades are available, such as rain chains, ornamental conductor heads, embossed gutters, rain barrels, custom rain barrels, seamless gutters, gutter guards, and much more.