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Specialty Gutters

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Specialty Gutters

Specialty Gutter Materials:
Copper Gutters
Colored Aluminum Gutters
Galvanized Gutters
Galvalume Gutters

Many clients do not realize that there are options available when selecting the proper gutter system or solution for their home. The two styles of gutters we offer are traditional ‘K-Style Standard’ gutters as well as the classic ‘Half-Round’ gutters available in both 5” and 6”.  We even offer radius gutters. A Radius gutter can be formed around an area of your home that resembles a semi-circle. See video to the left.

Half Round Gutters & K Style Gutters
There are many different reasons clients choose one over the other, and typically the half-round gutters are chosen for aesthetic beauty, rather than functionality. That is not to infer that half-round gutters are not efficient, but because they are half-round, they cannot handle the same amount of volume as a k-style gutter, and are more inclined to have some overflow in the really heavy rains.

Besides the two designs of half-round and k-style, there are also different materials available for gutters and sizes.  Half-round gutters are available in aluminum, galvanized and copper and in both 5” and 6”, which increase in price in that order.

Did you know that we have half-round gutters available in seamless? Seamless is always a better installation. When you have seams, you always have the potential for a leak or compromise in those areas.


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