Snow Guards in Lehigh Valley, PA

Our snow guards have multiple designs for you throughout Lehigh Valley and the surrounding areas

Snow guards arrive in numerous shapes, sizes, and designs. The job of a snow guard is to restrain snow or ice from falling off the roof onto your scenery, cars, or people below. They retain the snow on the rooftop so it gradually dissolves off from the brilliant sun or another heat source.

Generally, snow guards are employed on residences or businesses with amazingly steep roofs or roofs manufactured from slate, wood or metal. Asphalt roofs will by and large develop sufficient grip to keep the snow from gliding off the roof. As the snow increases in wet conditions, it may coalesce together. The joined-up mound of snow then freezes overnight forming a risky block of solid ice. Even with correctly fitted attic insulation, melting beneath the roof will cause the entire roof surface to become slick enough causing the load of the ice block to make it slide off the roof. The snow guard is constructed to secure the snow on the roof in these situations.

Difficult Weather Conditions throughout Lehigh Valley and the surrounding areas

In brutal weather conditions, snow and ice may not adequately dissipate from the roof and rather accumulate on it. In numerous colder environments where snow guards are utilized to keep snow on the roof, a heating source will also be implemented to the roof to aid in dissolving the snow. We do not recommend using heat tape on several roof surfaces because of roof warranties and fire dangers. Nonetheless, there are substitute techniques to correctly liquefying the snow and ice.

When installing snow guards for residential or business buildings, the roof type must be taken into consideration. Lexan snow guards are a great option for low visibility and optimal weather protection since they’re attached with a weather-resistant bonding agent to a metal roof.

When using cedar shakes or stone tiles, aluminum is an advantageous substance. We select aluminum in downspout establishments because of its low corrosiveness and green-friendly characteristics. In contrast, when it comes to metal roofs, they come in several metallic choices comprising of aluminum, copper, galvanized and galvalume steel. It is advised to employ the same metallic alloy for both the roof covering and the snow guard to avoid the corrosion issues that may take place. The differences in the metal compounds will produce disparities in alkalinity in the materials. On occasion an insulator can be fastened onto the matters to block this but rainwater still has a propensity to establish an electrolyte or corrosive bridge. This will inevitably cause conflicts later on.

The Brothers that just do Gutters can help protect you against snow conditions with their snow guard installation services, as well as many other helpful services. Even the best products need support from several different sources to be effective.