10 Things to Ask When Considering a Gutter Company

Hiring a contractor can be a stressful task. Let’s change that experience for you and inform you on some essential ways to connect with the leading industry gutter company. We have put together a list of questions to ask before hiring the next company to install your seamless gutter system.

10 things to ask when considering a gutter company:

  1. What are seamless gutters, and why should I get them?
  2. How do you fasten the gutters to the home?
  3. What type of gutter material is best for my home?
  4. What types of styles are available?
  5. Are your installers subs? Or full-time employees of your company? What is their training?
  6. Do all workers have insurance?
  7. Will I be able to identify all your workers?
  8. How many days will the job take?
  9. Can you repair prior damage to the home?
  10. What type of satisfaction policy does your company have?

Your Gutter Contractor Answers:

Branding Our Work

How Long Will The Job Take?

In conclusion, being aware of these questions during your initial estimate is critical. Above all, here at The Brothers that just do Gutters, we want to help you make the best informed decision. Contact us to schedule your free estimate with one of our skilled Solutionists.