Cost of Heated Gutter Systems

Often clients do not fully understand what the cost of heated gutter systems can be and how exactly they work. Our full heated gutter system includes a gutter system with a heated cable installed inside of the gutter and a guard installed on top. So, how much does all of that cost, and how does it work?

Let’s Start by Looking At Each Product:

    1. Gutter – A standard 5” aluminum gutter system can range, on average, from $6-$10 a foot depending on the contractor and other determining factors. Of course, there are various gutter options you could choose for your home, but 5” aluminum gutters are the most basic and common material. Based on both size and material, there are a number of other options, all of which will cause the price to vary. Other gutter materials we sell include Galvalume, Galvanized, and Copper. We also offer various color options which differ in price.
    2. Heat Cable – On average heat cable can cost around $12-$15 per foot installed. That being said, there are various different grades of cable. The cable we use is highly rated, safe, time tested, a heavy gauge, and approved by licensed electricians. It also self-regulates power output in response to changes in the ambient conditions.
    3. Guards – On average, guards can range from $12-$20 a foot installed. The Brothers that just do Gutters install mesh technology guard, proven to eliminate the smallest of debris and pests, while still allowing for the flow of water through your system.

Putting it all together:

On a typical raised ranch with an average of 100 feet of gutter and 2,500 square feet of living space, the average cost of a heated gutter system can range anywhere from $2000-$4000. If you already have gutters installed, we can install the heated system on your existing gutters, decreasing the cost. Also, it is very common for homeowners to only have the heated system installed on certain problem areas of their home rather than the entire house, which also plays a large part in the final cost.


Any form of gutter system you install on your home is an investment. Gutter systems, if properly maintained and protected, can last up to 30 years. When you’re thinking about purchasing gutters and/or updating your gutter system, it is important to take this lifespan into account. This purchase is an investment spread out over a possible 30 years. If you’re buying something for a “one time only use” it is common for the price to seem more significant, but this price may not have as much of an impact when you’re purchasing something that can not only last up to 30 years but, can also protect your home from more expensive future challenges like water and property damage.

Usage Cost of Heated Gutters:

The average electrical cost a homeowner can expect to pay for operating heat cable varies. A good starting point is to expect to use 8-10 watts of electricity per foot of cable. However, that is an estimate on the higher side of the average. Therefore this cost will significantly vary based on winter weather conditions. If the winter is mild, and temperatures are fairly warm, the cable will run at a lower setting and use less energy. Whereas, If the winter is particularly cold, the cable will use more energy to keep the gutter heated,

* Please be advised that these costs are meant as a ballpark figure. It is to help give customers an idea of how our heated gutter systems work and their cost. Each home is different, and many different factors determine a final cost of an installation. In order to receive an exact cost, we will need to come out to your home. Costs vary per location.