Foundation Cracks Caused By Failing Gutter System

If you have foundation cracks we need to evaluate what could be causing them. When deciding on whether to clean your gutters and/or remove them, there are several red flags to consider before avoiding the maintenance or the tearing down of your system.

Cracked Foundation- The Value of Gutters:

You gutter system is designed to flow water away from your home and its foundation during rain. Without gutters this barrier is eliminated and the water heads directly down, landing right near your foundation. This water will often pool at your foundation causing constant soaking. This leads to potential costly damages and home projects that are certain to give you more of a headache than maintaining your gutters.

These repairs often come about because a home has no gutters, or gutters that are clogged and/or not working properly. This causes standing water around your home and its foundation. This water can then also cause shrinking or expanding of the soil around your foundation. Removing your gutters will only cause more problems for your home in the near future. These problems are often not easy to spot initially, but over time, and after continued pooling of water, wreck havoc for the foundation wall. Unfortunately, often by the time they have become visible problems to you, it is past the point of avoiding the problem and you will likely need to now do repairs.

No Gutters?

No gutters no maintenance, right? Well, not exactly. If you no longer have gutters, chances are you fall under the category of those that say “I no longer need to worry about them because I took them down.” We hear this phrase in many different forms quite often, especially at home shows and local events where we talk with homeowners about their gutters. Right now, by getting rid of your gutters, you may believe that you’ve eliminated one home maintenance item from your checklist, but by doing this, you may actually be adding on a whole bunch of new home projects or “headaches” to your to-do list.

So, let’s discuss why you removed your gutters. Were you fed up with cleaning your gutters? Did you get sick of them clogging? Were you just tired of maintaining them, is that right? We get it, and we understand that you may feel like gutters are more work than they’re worth, but we are here to tell you it’s worth it.

Maintaining Your System

Is maintaining your gutter systems really worth? The short answer to this is potentially saving yourself $50,000 + on repairs. As well as eliminating the potential for more extensive projects rather than just simple maintenance, like foundation cracks. The average gutter installation job is about $800-$1,800 on a typical raised ranch home. Gutters can last you anywhere from 25-30+ years depending on material, when properly maintained. Of course, we are not saying that without gutters these damages are certain to happen, but by not having gutters your risks are certainly higher, so why take that risk?

Fix the Foundation Cracks-Hire a Pro

If you’re tired of maintaining your gutters and you want a professional to do it for you, we actually offer a Maintenance Agreement for those with open gutter systems. As part of the agreement you will be put into our database. This allows us to put you on our scheduled cleaning list and properly prepare for the heavy cleaning seasons! Tired of cleaning all together? We suggest having gutter guards installed!