Roofing, Windows, Siding, and Gutters-What Comes First?

As summer approaches many homeowners take this time to consider which exterior home improvement projects will take precedent over others. Springtime and rain may have you thinking it’s a good time to consider what needs attention. Usually around the 20-30 year mark on a home, they will need new roofing, siding, windows, and gutters.

Do Gutters Go On First or Last?

Dark Bronze gutters

Homeowners commonly ask us, Which project should I do first? In our professional opinion we suggest doing your roof first. Then the siding and windows next. And save the rain gutters for last. The reason for this is simple. Neglecting your roof can cause tremendous damage to the home.

Although inefficient windows and siding will not typically cause any immediate damage to the home, it does make sense to do them before the gutters. Stripping a roof is a very strenuous job that often requires steps that may result in damage to your system. During installation exterior contractors have to take down the gutters to replace the soffit/fascia and siding that the gutters are attached to.

Rather than spending money to have a gutter company install, uninstall and then reinstall your system, hire the roofing and siding company first. This way you’ll save money by preventing damage to them. With that being said, it all depends on the needs of your home. If the gutters are falling off and water is damaging your foundation, landscape, deck, and/or siding you may consider doing the gutters first. If not, the repair or replacement bill could be a lot higher. Use your best judgment.

But What If Your Gutters Have Damage?

If you do decide to have your gutters done first due to damage make sure to follow these tips to protect your investment. In the long run other contractors such as roofers will have to be much more careful. Therefore make sure to include in your contract that if there is any damage done to the gutters while they’re working, that company is responsible.

If you have trees around the home consider having gutter guards put on your new system. Not only will it prevent debris from entering, but it will also extend the life of your system by about 30 years. Without guards, it can cause rain water to overflow and cause damage to your siding and especially any wood exterior. The wood will begin to rot, exposing your home to water damage and unwanted critters. It’s unreal what water can do your home when not properly channeled!

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