No Fascia? No Problem for Gutters

Many of our clients live in homes that were built with the intention of never needing gutters. These homes typically don’t have a fascia where the gutters can secure to. Unfortunately living in the Hudson Valley, we experience severe winters and lots of rain that can damage homes. Unless a roof overhangs a home 3-4 feet and there is no basement, a gutter system is needed. A house without a fascia (the piece of wood below the last shingle) has to have gutters installed using roof straps. The roof straps attach to the hidden hanger inside the gutter and secure right into the roof. If the roof is older, it is not wise to try and lift up the shingles to get the strap under, because you can damage or break the shingle. In most cases the roof strap has to be secured right on top of the shingles. A roof strapped gutter is strong, but not as aesthetically pleasing as a traditionally mounted gutter.

Roof Strapped Gutter